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Streaming Media

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FY 2017


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Infobase digital resources provide outstanding educational content for students and educators.  Our critically acclaimed databases are known for their unprecedented depth of coverage.  Written by experts and vetted by our editors, these resources fit any curriculum and library needs.  Sign up for a FREE Trial to any or all of our resources and see how Infobase products can encourage learning, stimulate interest and engage students and patrons.  All subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited, simultaneous remote access
  • 24/7; 365 days per year access.  (Internet capability is needed for access)
  • iPad, android, and mobile friendly
  • Dynamic citations in multiple formats
  • Major educational standards (Common Core, State and National, and more)

Learn360 (K-12 content):  A premier digital streaming service for K-12.  Perfect district solution.  Multi-subject videos and multi-media including lesson plans, quizzes, images, activities, worksheets, music tracks, maps, fact sheets, diagrams and more!  Collated to standards, dynamic citations and more.  View flyer and visit the website for more info.

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Learn 360 is available for 20% off if purchased individually and 25% off if purchased with any other Infobase product.

Offer only valid on NEW subscriptions; does not apply to previous purchases or renewals.


Please contact the vendor to place an order.


Jared McGinley (K12/Public Library)
Phone:  1-800-322-8755 ext. 4261
Chris Dedrick (Academics)
Phone:  1-800-322-8755 ext. 4205

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