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Social Networking

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


Smartphones, tablets, ebook readers


Technology training, gadget lending, maker spaces, “Genius Bar”-type offerings, event management, etc.

Visual Social Media

Tools focused on social visual display like Pinterest, Tumblr, video- and photo-sharing platforms

Ebook Lending

Products, controversies and solutions around circulating ebooks of all kinds

Library Systems

ILSs and their descendents, self-checkout, ILL tools, electronic resource management and more

Productivity Tools

Document creation and storage, notetaking, bookmarking, listmaking, desktop-sharing, etc.


Web design, graphic design, software development, coding, etc.

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Featured Guest Contributor - January 2015

Elissa Malespina

Theme of the Month: 

Serving Up New Content

Melissa Brisbin is the Emerging Technologies Librarian and Systems Administrator for the Cherry Hill Public Library and is passionate about how technology can provide solutions to every day needs of staff and the public alike. Prior to Cherry Hill, she was the Technologies Librarian for Cape May County Public Library System... (read more)

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LibraryLinkNJ’s online, statewide resource is a user-generated platform designed to help member libraries learn from each other. TechEx is a one-stop shop for sharing links to resources on technology in our libraries and in our work lives. It connects members to library staff who manage specific technology projects (social media, loaning e-readers, using productivity tools, etc.) and showcases the work of New Jersey’s libraries.


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