Online Training via from LibraryLinkNJ License Update

Starting August 1, the terms of LibraryLinkNJ’s contract with are changing.

Previously, we’ve been able to offer our 30 licenses to colleagues on a monthly rolling basis. Now, we need to offer those licenses to individual staff members at member libraries on a fixed & permanent basis for the remainder of our contract with

We’re holding a lottery to assign licenses. If you win a license, it will be yours to use as an individual until the conclusion of our contract with in April 2019.

To distribute the licenses equitably among staff at our member libraries, we’ll use a lottery process, taking registrations from up to 60 colleagues and then selecting winning entrants using a randomizer. 

The lottery will open on August 1 and will close on August 14, or when we receive 60 lottery registrations, whichever occurs first. We’ll complete the lottery process and inform winning colleagues by August 20.

The estimated timeframe for winning colleagues’ use of their individual licenses will be September 4, 2018 - April 15, 2019.

Register to win a license!
The lottery registration is now open.

The 60 spots for the Lottery have all been claimed

and the registration for it is now closed.

8/7/18 - We will run the lottery process later this week.  All who registered will be notified when that is completed.




Free to LibraryLinkNJ member libraries!
We are very excited to provide our members with the wide range of online training programs on

The Online Training Library is a massive online training resource. Using their thousands of videos, members are able to learn -- self-paced and on-demand -- topics ranging from Excel and PowerPoint to Tumblr and CSS.  

"I completed my first course and I am thrilled!!  The WordPress Essential Training was EXACTLY what I needed to bring my job to the next level.  I can’t vouch for other instructors, but Morten Rand-Hendriksen was fabulous – he described everything in detail, provided step-by-step instructions, illustrated the lesson, then reviewed.  This course has empowered me to do what I need to do for my job and I can’t wait to take my next course. Thanks so much – you guys are awesome!!"   Pat Bruder, Grants & Special Projects, Educational Information & Resource Center at South Jersey Technology Park.

See all the available workshops & system requirements on
The course list includes, but is not limited to:

Embracing Change
Google Docs
Motivating & Engaging

Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Access
Windows 10
App Development

Apple OS X
iPhoto Keynote
iPad SDK
iPhone SDK
Managing Your Time

Overcoming Procrastination



How This Works

  • courses are made up of a series of workshop lessons.  Each workshop lesson is a 5 to 20 minutes long video.  A complete course can be made up of a number of lessons and can take several hours to complete. You can easily skip or repeat lessons by using the index for each class.
  • Please see the license update notice above, and the connect to registration to enter the lottery process will be available at the top of this page. The lottery opens on August 1, 2018. To use the LibraryLinkNJ account at, you must have a LibraryLinkNJ website User Account.  You need to log into your User Account to complete the online registration form.
  • Registation is a 2-step process.
    1. First you register with us. We will inform the winning colleagues by August 20, 2018. We will batch and activate the access to for you. 
    2. After we activate access, you will receive a message from with further instructions on how to complete the process.
  • We urge members at medium-sized and large libraries to seek approval from their supervisors before registering. This service is designed to complement individual staff training needs, not to replace multiple staff in your library all taking the same training at the same time. 
  • The access to is web-based. This means that the access is available from any computer, tablet or mobile device. 
  • You must have a current version of QuickTime or Windows Media Player installed on your computer.
  • When you complete an entire course, you have the option of printing out a certificate of completion.
  • Our Member Services staff person (Carol Fishwick:, 732-752-7720) is the Account Administrator and will activate accounts, and send the account information to each registrant by email via the system. 
  • Registrants must complete the setup of their activated account within 48 hours of receiving their "Welcome" email containing the instructions.  If they do not, their account will be deactivated and the access will be reassigned. To ensure prompt delivery of email notifications,  please add to your email Address Book or have your IT person add it to your email "White" list.

If you have any questions about registration and account or access information, please call Carol Fishwick at 732-752-7720.  Carol is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the program.  Please call and do not email Carol.  If Carol is not in the office, your email will not be answered in a timely way.  A phone call to the office should reach Carol or someone else who can help you.

If you have other questions about the service, please contact our Assistant Director, Joanne Roukens at 732-752-7720.

We welcome your feedback on all aspects of 


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