Communication within the Statewide Library Cooperative

We all know the significance of this week as three RLC offices close on Friday, Aug 27. Here is an update on what to expect regarding listserv communication. Please have patience with your colleagues as these changes occur. This is an especially trying time for everyone.

- Cheryl O’Connor, Executive Director, August 26, 2010.

Communication Phase One (interim): 
until the New Website is launched

Update (9/30/2010): We just announced a request for your suggestions to choose a new name for the New Statewide Library Cooperative through the listserv.

The deadline for this name suggestion is Oct. 30. 2010. 

Currently, INFOLINK is working with the statewide New Library Cooperative Website Development Task Force on the new website design and implementation.  The Task Force consists of members from multi-type libraries and various geographical regions throughout the state.  Because of the scope and new features included in the website design plan, the new website launch date had to be adjusted to later this Fall.

Update (8/31/2010): We have encountered some technical issues with the INFOLINK listserv postings to the CJRLC and SJRLC Google group emails.  In order to avoid any further problems with mass listserv subscriptions at this time, it is decided to continue to use the CJRLC and SJRLC Google Group emails along with the INFOLINK Listserv during the Phase One period.  Please see the updated notes in the table below, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance!



Required Action

INFOLINK list participants

No change

No action necessary.

Important! - Please use all three of the following listserv emails for Statewide service issues:,

If you have any listserv issues and questions, please email

HRLC list participants

Folded into the INFOLINK listserv late Wednesday, Aug 25

No action necessary.  Please do NOT reply to the welcome message from the INFOLINK Listserv.

CJRLC Google Group list

The CJRLC Google group email will remain as it was.

No action necessary. 

SJRLC Google Group list

The SJRLC Google group email will remain as it was.

No action necessary. Use the SJRLC listserv for final SJRLC events and local communication.


Communication Phase Two:

New Website Launch, Phase One. The primary communication will occur via Online Forums linked to a Main Forum page. Different forums can be sorted by types of libraries and topics of discussions. These online forums will replace the current listserv for online communication among the membership.  After the launch, we will continue to improve the website features and functionalities to serve you all better.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 732-752-7720.
Thank you very much for your understanding and help in advance!

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