Cooperative's New Name!

The Executive Board approved the new name for the Cooperative at their meeting Thursday afternoon, Nov 18. There were 151 submissions and the end result was an amalgamation from the list. Thank you very much for your energy and participation. Thanks also to the Board Name Task Force: Jane Crocker (Chair); Ellen Callanan; and Dee Venuto. In addition, the Board selected the colors of the website and the organization: dark blue and cream.

Name:   LibraryLinkNJ – the New Jersey Library Cooperative
(purchased but we have not yet migrated from infolink)


The name selection criteria of the task force and the Board included:


  • Relevant, reflective of who we are – NJ, cooperative, multi-type libraries
  • Cohesive – bring members from all regions together
  • Memorable, rhythmic, effective acronym if possible
  • Positive connotations
  • Not easily confused with other groups/associations or have a confusing spelling
  • Appealing, shows excitement, attention-grabbing, not dreary, dull, stodgy
  • Futuristic- not just limited to what we are but what we could be


Not all criteria were achieved, but we came close. There was Board discussion that some might want to use the more formal aspect  “New Jersey Library Cooperative” in verbal discussions with legislators. Flexibility is a good thing.

Next Steps:


  • Mi-Sun Lyu, Website Project Manager, will incorporate the name and colors into the new website.
  • With the website launch (yes, it is taking more time than expected), we will migrate to the new domain and new staff email addresses.
  • Next week the office will start the process for a new logo.
  • Expect an online posting of proposed Bylaws and a proposed Transition Strategic Plan on Nov 29.
  • Keep saving Dec 9th for the Membership Meeting. Details and registration info to follow soon.


Cheryl O'Connor

Executive Director
LibraryLinkNJ – the New Jersey Library Cooperative

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