Participating in the LibraryLinkNJ Executive Board Meetings


General Meeting Information 

LibraryLinkNJ members and the public are welcome to attend LLNJ Board meetings at any time.

Board meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of every month at 2:30 pm at the LibraryLinkNJ office.

For a list of Board approved meeting dates, their times and if they are in-person or webcast, please go to our Executive Board page

Board Meetings:
The Board usually attends online by webcast, but does hold at least 2 in-person meetings each year. The in-person meetings are sometimes held at locations other than the LibraryLinkNJ office. The location is named in the list of meeting dates.

Public Comment Period:
The agenda for each Board meeting includes a section for comments from the public.

In-person: There is seating for 15 members of the public in the LLNJ Office. We do ask that if you are attending in-person, that you call and notify the LLNJ office. For meetings of high interest, we may institute a registration process. Please check the Board meeting list to see if registration is required for the meeting you want to attend.

Webcast:  There is a limit of 80 public seats in an online meeting. Webcast may not be available for all Board meetings. In order to ensure enough seats for the Board and LLNJ staff, we may institute a registration process. Please check the Board meeting list to see if a webcast is available and if registration is required. Instructions for attending a LLNJ Board Meeting online are available below and also in PDF .  

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Instructions for participating in LLNJ Emergency Executive Board Meeting (4/6/2020) via Zoom

to discuss
Financial Exigencies 
April 6, 2020, 2:30pm

Zoom Meeting
Zoom by Phone
1-646-558-8656 - Pin - 114071226#

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Instructions for Participating in LLNJ Executive Board Meeting via AdobeConnect

Online Meeting Room URL:

Supporting Information:
Meeting Agendas are on the Executive Board page on our website

Technical difficulties:
Consult the troubleshooting tips on page two of the Adobe Connect Visual Quickstart Guide. In advance of joining the meeting, please test your computer. Please note, we cannot offer personal technical support during this meeting, so we have prepared the information below as guidance.

Important Points:

  • Your microphone will not be enabled
  • Please make all your comments either about online procedures or pertaining to the meeting) in the chat box during the Public Comment period at the end of the meeting
  • We will not be available to assist you with technical issues, either before or during the meeting, so we have prepared the information below as guidance
  • If you have any technical questions or problems please refer to the troubleshooting tips on page 2 of the Adobe Connect Visual Quickstart Guide

Public Comment Period:
The agenda for each Board meeting includes a section where the meeting is opened to the public.

  • You will be are invited to submit comments via the chat box during that time in the Adobe Connect meeting room


  • We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop with a hard-wired Internet connection. You can use a wireless connection, but it is less reliable
  • You will need good speakers, either via your monitor or attached component. You can also use a headset. You will not need a microphone
  • You will not need a phone for Executive Board meetings

Testing Your Equipment and Connection Before the Meeting:

We strongly urge you do the following before any Board Meeting you attend virtually:

  • We are using a webinar software package called Adobe Connect
  • You need to become familiar with the online room layout and its functionality
  • It is important that you test your computer before the meeting
  • Most computers will work just fine, but find out now if your computer has compatibility issues with Adobe Connect, and fix them
  • Once you have tested your computer’s connectivity and compatibility with Adobe Connect, then log into the room (instructions below). You may need to load some software. Adobe Connect usually notifies you when you login, so leave yourself enough time before the meeting to have them load. If needed, the software should load smoothly and quickly, but for some there may be issues that require you to reboot your computer. We want you to be able to participate

Logging Into the Online Meeting Room:

  • LLNJ Executive Board Meeting login URL is:
  • On the day of the meeting webcast, log in ½ hour before it is scheduled to begin. The meeting will begin promptly at the appointed time
    • Use the “Guest” option. Please use both your First and Last names to log in so that we can address your comments and questions accurately
    • No special password is necessary
    • Run the Adobe Setup Wizard
      • Click on the “Meeting” tab in the menu bar at the upper left of the window
      • Click on the Adobe Setup Wizard and follow instructions
      • You may need to select your speakers from dropdown menus
      • No need to “test silence”
      • Click “Finish”
  • Volume is controlled in a number of places:
    • On the top of the screen in the online meeting room you will see a speaker icon. Next to it is a dropdown menu to adjust volume
    • On the computer you are using. If you are not familiar with that control, seek it out and experiment with how it works
    • On your speakers (if separate from your computer) and also sometimes on your headset (depending on the style/make)
  • If you have any technical questions or problems please refer to the troubleshooting tips on page 2 of the Adobe Connect Visual Quickstart Guide
  • LLNJ staff will be assisting Executive Board members and managing the meeting, and are not available to offer technical assistance
  • If you have any persistent problems with your audio/video during the meeting, we find that exiting and re-entering the meeting room fixes most issues. Occasionally you might experience some audio delay. This is usually caused by bandwidth issues and should correct itself in less than a minute

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