Transition from the Current Listservs to the Online Forums with Email Notification

Instructions /FAQs on how to use the online forums &
manage the email notification subscriptions

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On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative, will replace the current listserv with the Online Forums with Email Notifications on our website for communication among all Cooperative members.  The will also close down.  The will continue to exist. This migration to the Online Forums has been approved by the Executive Board. 

Not an Ordinary Online Forum:

The enhanced online discussion groups with email notifications will work like the listserv.  Everyone with a User Account will automatically receive notifications when colleagues post in forum discussion threads. You’ll be able to read the entire content of forum discussion threads via e-mail, without visiting the website. You’ll only need to log in to the forums to respond, or to create a new discussion thread.

Useful facts about our customized email notifications:

  • If you have a User Account on our website, you do not need to take any action to receive e-mail notifications from the Forums.
  • You do not need to log in to view the forum topic posts or comments. Email notifications will include the full contents of forum topic or comment posts with a link to the actual posts/comments. You can click the link if you want to reply to the posts/comments.  Email notifications will also include the poster’s real name, email address (hyperlinked), their library/organization, and a link to manage your email notification subscription.
  • You can easily reply privately to a forum post by clicking on the user’s embedded email address (hyperlinked), which will be automatically included in the email notification.
  • You only need to log in if you want to post a new forum topic or a comment to any posts/comments to the Forum page.
  • UPDATE: By default, email notifications will be delivered immediately after each forum topic post and comment is posted.  You will have a high level of control in managing your own information flow-- either through choice of immediate email notification, hourly, daily or weekly digests, or through email filtering in your email client, just as you can with messages from our current listservs.

    Instructions on how to manage your subscription to the Forum email notifications:

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click “My account” on the left menu column.
    3. Click “Notifications” tab (please note this tab will be available on Janaury 11.)
    4. Click “Subscriptions” below the tab.
    5. Check the checkbox next to “Content type”.
    6. Use “Update options” drop down menu to do the followings:
    7. Change send intervals to digested or immediately (it is set to immediately by default.)
    8. Deactivate to temporarily stop receiving the email notifications (Activate when you want to receive the email notifications again.)
    9. Delete to unsubscribe to the email notifications. If you want to subscribe to the forum email notifications again, click “Content type” next to “Subscriptions” menu under “Notifications” tab. Check “forum topic” and select the send interval option and click “Save”.


    1. At the bottom of any of email notification message that you receive, there is a link “To manage your subscriptions”.  Click the link and follow the steps from 4 to 6 above.
    2. You can also unsubscribe to the email notification by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the email notification messages that you receive.
  • The email notifications will work almost exactly the same as they do now on the current listservs.You will not miss any communications on the go, as long as you have email access through your mobile device of choice. 
  • Your inbox will not be clogged up with automated ‘out of the office’ replies. You’ll only receive real posts and comments.

Why We’re Making This Change

When LibraryLinkNJ initiated the new website project, the LibraryLinkNJ Web Task Force reviewed the benefits of the existing listservs and new online forums.  The focus of this decision was a matter of defining functionalities that LibraryLinkNJ would want to offer to the membership. We want to offer a forum for discussion that’s useful and practical for our members, and we want to make that considerable knowledge base easily available and searchable for everyone in the NJ library community. The Web Task Force therefore recommended that LibraryLinkNJ move to online forums with email notifications for communications with and among members.

Forum FAQ!

Why not use listservs in addition to the forums?

Because email notifications will work like the current listservs, most of the users will receive duplicate email messages if we keep the listservs.

Remembering yet another username & password is kind of a pain.

Fair point, but let’s unpack this a bit: the worst case scenario is that you’ve forgotten your login information, so you can’t post a new forum topic or comment to the forum for the entire community immediately.  That is indeed a pain, but it’s easily resolved.

Here’s what we suggest: If your work computer is not a shared one, you can stay logged in, so that you do not have to log in every time. Even if you do have to log in each time to make a comment, the login process will not take more than 30 seconds, as long as you remember your username and password. We know it can take time to memorize a username & password -- we’ve all been there! -- but we also know that you can do it. If you are really in a bind, you can retrieve or replace your password easily, by using the Request New Password feature. Just enter your username or the e-mail address associated with your account, and you’ll receive an email with a password reset link!

How will we let LibraryLinkNJ and fellow libraries know of emergency closures? We love the rapid communication of the listserv for these cases!

This is two issues in one: there’s the delivery aspect for ILL, and communicating with our colleagues.

For members using delivery, this hasn’t really been a listserv function since last winter. We've made notifying us very easy using this form, which you can complete from home or work.  Links to the form are also on our homepage (on the left) and on our Delivery page (in the list).

To communicate with colleagues regarding other issues pertaining to emergency closures, the forums will generate automated e-mail notifications to all LibraryLinkNJ members, as described in detail above.

What if the online forums or email notifications do not work? Any risks?

The demo went well using our development (testing) site. Still, we may encounter some problems when our email notifications go live. We will respond swiftly to any issues following the email notification launch on January 11th.

Change is hard, but let’s embrace trying something new.

We believe that this new online forum and email notification will give the membership and the New Jersey library community a better communication tool for effective collaboration and discussions. Online forums with enhanced email notification features will foster communication between and among members of the New Jersey library community. We believe that our online forums with email notifications will allow members to customize their communication with colleagues and LibraryLinkNJ.

LibraryLinkNJ makes information-sharing easy and interactive, with a wide variety of communication options:

  • Online Forums with customized e-mail notifications -- highlights noted above!
  • E-Updates-- we’re moving to a bi-weekly schedule!
  • Twitter & Facebook -- we’re curating useful links & fostering discussions! Follow & like us to participate!
  • The mobile web -- look for details about our new mobile website soon!

If you have any questions regarding these changes, your current listserv subscription, or User Account registration, please contact Mi-Sun Lyu at

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