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Beanstack is a customized service designed to engage families with young readers and to facilitate your library's summer reading program. It starts with sending parents a weekly recommendation of a book and event at your local library, matched to each child's interests. Parents are also provided tools for building literacy, including learning tracks that are like step-by-step guides through subjects like “A Guide to Reading Readiness,” "Ninjas," and "Surviving Family Car Trips." As families log their reading and complete literacy activities, they earn badges that encourage them to visit their local branch.
43% of Beanstack users do not have a library card when signing up and over half use the service primarily on mobile devices. Zoobean delivers a monthly account report and is an active partner in driving usage. Most recently, its "Badge Book" campaign and Facebook marketing have helped make it easier for partners to reach local families.
The Summer Reading Rebate
During the summer of 2015, Montgomery County Public Library in Maryland used Beanstack instead of its previous summer reader service. The library subsequently achieved a 27% increase in registrations, logged reading, and completions. Beanstack also includes administrative tools that make it easy for your staff to track stats for each branch, redeem incentives, run raffles, and help patrons log their reading.
After summer, Beanstack continues to provide families with personalized recommendations, tools for tracking their reading, and content curated by librarians. As one client has said, "Beanstack is like summer reading, all year long." The summer reading service is included with Beanstack at no additional charge. Clients instead receive a rebate for using Beanstack as their summer reading online solution.
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Learn more about Beanstack during one of these free webinars.  Please register using the links below (be sure to select the correct date from the drop-down menu on the registration page).

Summer Reading Program


Growing Readers Program

If you cannot attend one of the above sessions, you can schedule one that is convenient for you by emailing hello [at]  

After attending a webinar, libraries may request a demo site to fully experience Beanstack.  Just email hello [at] 


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