Gale In Context: Elementary paired with Gale eBooks: Jump Start Collections

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Students center their learning around the information that’s offered to them. That’s why it’s important to remove barriers to learning and make discovery intuitive for everyone, especially young students who are just beginning to navigate digital tools.

With Gale In Context: Elementary and Gale eBooks: Jump Start Collections, students can have greater access to K-5 content— all in one place! This encourages them to move at their own pace through periodicals, videos, and more to find information on a wide range of topics with kidfriendly visuals and prompts. To make a bigger impact on student learning, save up to 75% on Elementary when you purchase it alongside a Jump Start Collection. Students will have access to your Jump Start Collections directly within In Context: Elementary.

Gale eBooks: Jump Start Collections

We’ve curated age-appropriate, fun, and engaging student eBook collections to safely introduce elementary students to the research process—and inspire a lifelong love of learning. When reading these eBooks within Gale In Context: Elementary, students benefit from a kid-friendly environment designed for them, complete with a simplified eBook viewer and ReadSpeaker at the book level.

K-5 eBook collections are an easy way to offer more eBooks based on class subjects and student interests. Our favorite elementary student eBook collection, the Jump Start Collection, includes hundreds of titles that cover each of the main topics on the Gale In Context: Elementary home page. It’s a simple way to add the depth of eBooks in multiple subject areas with a single purchase. Plus, we’ve created three collections to choose from based on your budget!

Gale In Context: Elementary

Gale In Context: Elementary gives children a safe place to find answers to their questions, practice research skills, and explore interests inside and outside the classroom. It also gives teachers access to digital resources that can supplement and enhance in-person and online instruction.

Like you, we want kids to be excited about learning, not overwhelmed! By linking library resources to the classroom, educators can make learning more engaging for students. With a simple, easy-to-navigate platform, Gale In Context: Elementary helps students gradually become comfortable with research. Elementary delivers age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content that covers a broad range of subjects, like animals, geography, health, influential people, literature, social studies, sports, and technology.

Unlike other classroom databases in the market, Gale In Context: Elementary has rich visuals that are immediately welcoming to kids through grade 5. With a modern design and intuitive search functions, the Elementary database makes it easy for elementary-school children, teachers, and parents to find information related to lessons in articles, magazines, eBooks, periodicals, reference materials, and more. Plus, it gives users the option to plan fun activities around what they’re learning.

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