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Online Database
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FY 2023
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Finding a job can be a complicated process. LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator provides an easy-to-use search tool with everything patrons and students need to find, apply for, and get hired into ideal positions. It delivers award-winning information on careers, skills and interest assessments to match individuals with ideal career paths.

This innovative job-hunting platform has everything job seekers need to create professional and competitive resumes and cover letters, search for jobs that fit their needs, give professional interviews and more.

Product Features:

  • Job and internship search engines
  • Skills and interest assessments
  • Occupation explorers
  • Resume and cover letter builders
  • Interviewing tips
  • Career advice library
  • College finder
  • Scholarship finder

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About EBSCO Information Services: 
EBSCO Information Services is a leading e-resources provider for libraries across the country and the world. EBSCO provides unique resources to some of the most important titles and services for your patrons on platforms that patrons recognize. EBSCO has become a trusted source for reputable content, services, and for helping libraries achieve their goals. As a long-time partner with the New Jersey State Library, EBSCO is proud to be partnering with LibraryLinkNJ.

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Please contact the EBSCO representatives


EBSCO is offering steep discounts to all New Jersey public libraries that want to retain these resources. All public library LibraryLinkNJ members will receive an additional 5% discount on their order through June 30, 2022.

LibraryLinkNJ discount will be honored through June 30. Libraries will need to order before July 1 to receive the discount. The start date can technically be any time in FY2023. For example, you can start your subscription for July 1, but you can instead choose to start their subscription on August 1, September 1, and so on.

To receive a quote(s) for your library, contact either or both of your EBSCO representatives below and let them know that you’re LibraryLinkNJ members. Pricing is based on population served.

Note: Job & Career Accelerator will be removed from the New Jersey State Library’s resources on July 1, 2022.


Please contact the EBSCO representatives.  


When you contact the representatives below, please let them know that you’re LibraryLinkNJ member. 

Jenn Dionne
Account Executive
JennDionne [at] ebsco.com

Jake Simone
Regional Sales Manager
jsimone [at] ebsco.com