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Product Descriptions

NoodleTools: Full-service classroom environment for the research process

Integrated tools to support authentic research and original writing, paired with online teaching units and offline expert assistance. High-quality, best-practices support for your classroom: designed by educators, for educators. Our process feels natural and intuitive, scaffolding the way you already teach. And no online advertising, ever. NoodleTools works with all recent browsers and is fully iPad- accessible.

Differentiated Learning: Serving upper-elementary through university

There are three levels within NoodleTools -- Starter, Junior, and Advanced -- designed to match the expertise of your students as they grow from novices to independent scholars. At each level, we’ve built in appropriate advice for identifying, evaluating and citing sources. Use the version that’s right for your classroom, individual student, or subset of learner (ELL/ESL, gifted, AP, LD, etc.). School districts subscribed to NoodleTools benefit by sharing a common framework for teaching and learning the research process, across multiple grades and transitions between elementary, middle and high school curricula. All NoodleTools teaching modules incorporate common core concepts.

How does NoodleTools Work?

Teacher environment and support: A teacher or group of teachers can set up an online classroom that mirrors the actual classroom experience. Assign work, monitor students’ progress in real-time, manage the paper trail, and provide feedback. Use our instructor comment bank to assist you in providing students with relevant guidance on their notecards. Generate charts that illustrate the balance of source types in a student’s bibliography. Assign NoodleTools teaching modules to reinforce comprehension.

Note taking and outlining: On the Notecard Tabletop, students create, tag, pile and link notecards in ways specifically designed to make connections, develop original ideas and articulate arguments. Click and drag notecards into piles to suggest subtopics, then into your outline to organize your ideas in preparation for writing. Notecards are visibly linked to source information, thereby preventing accidental plagiarism.

Source evaluation and bibliography generation: Generate accurate citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. “Show Me” online teaching modules guide students through the process of identifying source types and recognizing relevant and credible information. Turn citation shortcuts (copying citations from online databases or importing book data from WorldCat) on or off depending on the teaching needs of your school.

Group collaboration: Any number of students can work on a project simultaneously from different locations and view each other’s changes in real time. As you review a collaborative project, notecards and citations are clearly labeled with the name of the student that authored them.

Google Docs integration: Our integration with Google Docs (including support for G Suite for Education accounts) gives you the option to receive and review students’ papers online. Students can also choose to export their source list, notecards and outline to Word.

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LibraryLinkNJ members receive a 20% discount off of standard academic pricing. Cost per year is tiered based on the student enrollment at the school (or FTE at the college). District license discounts are available when all middle and high schools in a district are participating. Please request a quote by e-mailing enrollment/FTE information to (please indicate that you are a LibraryLinkNJ member).


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All subscriptions include remote access.

To start a new subscription, schools must complete an online subscription request form, where the account administrator can select a username/password they wish to use for access:

To renew an existing subscription, the account administrator should log in to the school’s subscription management area and submit a renewal request (e-mail us if you have lost your administrative username/password):

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