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FY 2018


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Product Descriptions

TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books for elementary school aged children (www.tumblebooklibrary.com). There is the TumbleBookLibrary-Deluxe (k-3) which is our core collection of animated, talking, picture books or the TumbleBookLibrary-Premium (k-5) which includes the core collection PLUS exclusive graphic novel and math stories categories as well as more chapter books, videos and non-fiction than the deluxe version. The premium also contains nearly twice the content of the deluxe. Currently, there are approx. 550 books in the Deluxe and approx. 950 books in the Premium.

We create our “TumbleBooks” by licensing existing children’s books from publishers and then animating the illustrations and adding audio narration. Our collection includes old time favorites such as The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, Diary of a Worm,How I Became a PirateMiss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10One Duck Stuck, as well as favorite fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Old Mother Hubbard, to name just a few. Books are iPad and mobile compatible! We also include educational games to accompany the books.

TumbleBookCloud is an online collections of ebooks, enhaced ebooks, graphic novels, audio books and National Geographic videos for teens (middle/high school) (www.tumblebookcloud.com).

AudioBookCloud is a collection of online streaming audio books for high school and adult readers (www.audiobookcloud.com). Like our TumbleBookLibrary and TumbleBookCloud collections, AudioBookCloud books are launched from a link on your library website. Your patrons can access the entire collection from any computer with an Internet connection. Your audio books are never all checked out, never on hold. As many people can listen to the same book at the same time as you like!

A subscription to any of the collections gives your readers UNLIMITED remote access from home or library, 24/7 access to usage stats and free educational games, desktop icons, and promotional material.

Trial Offer

Start a free trial at the links below:

TumbleBooksLibrary: http://www.tumblebooks.com/library/asp/trial_form.aspx

TumbleBookCloud: http://www.tumblebookcloud.com/register.aspx

AudioBookCloud: http://www.audiobookcloud.com/register.aspx


LibraryLinkNJ members receive 25% off in addition to system/district discounts and multi-collection discounts listed below.

Please note than when a school/library orders more than one collection they receive the second collection at an additional 20% discount. Also note that multi-year discounts include a 20% discount for a 2 year subscription and a 30% discount for a 3+ year subscription.

Subscriptions include unlimited remote access from home and school, a direct link to post on your website, 24/7 access to usage stats and free downloadable promotional material.

Branch discounts:

(Please note that the "Deluxe" TumbleBookLibrary product is no longer available.)
1 Branch $799/year for TumbleBookLibrary-Premium; $799/year for TumbleBookCloud;; $999/year for AudiobookCloud;

2-4 Branches 20% discount

5-10 Branches 30% discount

11-20 Branches 40% discount

21-40 Branches 50% discount

41+ Branches Call for pricing

District discount pricing:

1 School $599/year for TumbleBookLibrary-Deluxe OR $799/year for TumbleBookLibrary-Premium; $799/year for TumbleBookCloud; $999/year for AudiobookCloud;

2-10 Schools 10% discount

11-20 schools 20% discount

21-40 schools 30% discount

41+ schools 40% discount



Please contact the vendor directly.


Rachela Naccarato


1853A Avenue Road, Suite 4

Toronto, ON M5M 3Z4

Phone: 416-781-4010

Fax: 416-781-2764

Toll free: 1-800-232-1844


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