Statewide Strategic Plan for the Future of Libraries in New Jersey

Statewide Strategic Plan Mind Map

This Strategic Plan to guide the future of New Jersey’s 2000+ public, school, academic and special libraries was developed through a process of public engagement by representatives of the library community and stakeholders during 2012-2013. The Plan is a collaborative effort between the membership of LibraryLinkNJ(LLNJ), The New Jersey Library Cooperative and the New Jersey State Library (NJSL). The Plan has been placed on the Mind Map where all the supporting documentation and other details can be found. For a direct connect to the Mind Map go to, or click here.

The Plan, an Executive Summary, and a short action version for use with boards, staff, funders, potential partners and others are also available here:

Statewide Strategic Plan for
the Future of Libraries in New Jersey
Executive Summary MS WORD PDF
Creating Our Future (4-pages) PDF

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The Seven Strategic Goals

The LLNJ community identified seven goal areas on which to focus in order to implement the strategic plan. They are numbered in this plan for convenience and are all of equal importance.

  • Goal 1: Communicating the Value of Libraries - Our libraries offer a consistent brand promise through which we delight our customers and anticipate their evolving needs. All stakeholders appreciate the value of the libraries in their world, and participate actively in joining and belonging to the brand.
    Strategies: Strategic positioning, Develop a branding strategy, Monitor awareness, Advocacy, Future planning processes
  • Goal 2: Leadership and Coordination - Our libraries are led, organized and managed so that we are able to rapidly adapt our methods, systems, and offerings in anticipation of the emerging needs and interests of customers, funders, partners, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders.
    Strategies: Efficiency and effectiveness, Learn from each other, Distributed leadership, Alignment with stakeholder interests
  • Goal 3: Collaboration and Partnerships - We collaborate productively with each other and with our stakeholders, internally, between libraries and library systems, across functions and disciplines, with our funders, customers, competitors, government and legislators.
    Strategies: Promote collaboration, Develop cross-boundary skills, Resource sharing, Events, New partnerships
  • Goal 4: Library as Community Anchor - Libraries are safe, nurturing and inspiring places for people to meet, work, learn, grow and exchange ideas together.
    Strategies: Create hubs of activity, Meet new needs, Offer services for others, Safe haven, Non-users
  • Goal 5: Cycles of Innovation - We reinvent our methods, models, products and services to keep pace with the “new normal” of transformational social and technological change.
    Strategies: Pilot projects, Balance with traditional models, Guidelines and certification, Commit % of funds, Reward innovation
  • Goal 6: Professional Development and Self Care - We reinvent our methods, models products and services to keep pace with the “new normal” of transformational social and technological change.
    Strategies: New skills, Cross-training, Collaborate with educational institutions, Time to learn, Self-care
  • Goal 7: Creative Funding Sources - We are reliably funded through diversified sources including federal, state and foundation grants, business partnerships, seed funding and entrepreneurial activities. We work closely with political leaders to maintain or grow funding from traditional sources.
    Strategies: Efficiency and effectiveness, Value-add, Grants, Specialized partnerships, Revitalize existing funding

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