The Technology Exchange 

Archived resource about technologies and libraries (April 2013 - January 2015).  
The Technology Exchange (TechEx) was LibraryLinkNJ’s statewide, user-generated, online resource designed to help member libraries learn from each other and to showcase the work of New Jersey’s libraries.

How to Use TechEx:

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Social Networking

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


Smartphones, tablets, ebook readers


Technology training, gadget lending, maker spaces, “Genius Bar”-type offerings, event management, etc.

Visual Social Media

Tools focused on social visual display like Pinterest, Tumblr, video- and photo-sharing platforms

Ebook Lending

Products, controversies and solutions around circulating ebooks of all kinds

Library Systems

ILSs and their descendents, self-checkout, ILL tools, electronic resource management and more

Productivity Tools

Document creation and storage, notetaking, bookmarking, listmaking, desktop-sharing, etc.


Web design, graphic design, software development, coding, etc.

All TechEx Items

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