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Inkscape Tutorials (screencasts) by HeathenX

From:, February 2014. By HeathenX
Submitted by: John LeMasney, Non-Member (Out of the State), Feb 26, 2014
Tools/Tags: Inkscape, design, screencasts, instruction

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Inkscape, the free and open source vector design application complete with plugins, layers, path manipulation and more. The one issue with Inkscape is not an Inkscape issue at all.

Creative Commons licensed technology presentation collection

John LeMasneyFrom: LeMasney Consulting, February 2014. By John LeMasney
Submitted by: John LeMasney, Non-Member (Out of the State), Feb 10, 2014
Tools/Tags: presentations, portfolio, google, Inkscape, design, Technology, arduino, coding, collections

Late last year, I took all of my presentations that I have ever given on design, technology, libraries, branding and related topics, and I made them public and licensed for re-use and re-mixing under a creative commons-attribution license.

A short list of Open Source Design and Development Tools

Entry Point Design Principle by John LeMasney via lemasney.comFrom: LeMasney Consulting, January 2014. By John LeMasney
Submitted by: John LeMasney, Non-Member (Out of the State), Feb 4, 2014
Tools/Tags: 3D Printers, design, design principles, graphic design, tools

I decided that I'd introduce some of my favorite open source design tools here for librarians who want to find powerful, free tools for design. This list covers graphic design, layout, web design, content management and some other topics. 


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