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Illustrated Design Principles Series

Area Alignment design principleFrom: LeMasney Consulting, January 2014. By John LeMasney
Submitted by: John LeMasney, Non-Member (Out of the State), Feb 3, 2014
Tools/Tags: design, graphic design, design principles, collections, series

In talking with libraries about graphic design for non-designers, I tend to focus on design principles that can be applied to lots of different situations, rather than working with specific tools, like Inkscape.


From: Smore, October 2013. By Barbara De Santis
Submitted by: Barbara De Santis, Sayreville Public Schools, Oct 20, 2013

This resource contains several images that do not appear below.  Please open the attached document to see the images.




Submitted by: Barbara De Santis, Sayreville Public Schools, Oct 13, 2013

Looking for an easy way to share web resources?  Try Symbaloo.  This free web tool allows you to distribute websites using colorful tiles that will surely appeal to younger (as well as visual) learners.


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