Submitted by: Barbara De Santis, Sayreville Public Schools, Oct 26, 2013


My last few posts have centered on distributing resources.  Yet there is always room for one more. Blendspace allows you to share resources as well as text and quizzes.  Blendspace refers to these products as lessons.  Please click here for one I have created.  You might chose to use this application for a flipped classroom or as a review tool for your students.  I also think it would be useful for students who are absent.  You might recognize it as Ed Canvas- the name changed only a few months ago. Click here to see a quick overview of Blendspace.


To get started, create a free account.  Be sure to select the teacher option. Then you can make a lesson.  Start with one of several templates- you can arrange your resources in several formats.  You can share as few as four resources. The largest template holds eight cells and you can expand your template by adding rows.  Title your lesson and now you can start to add resources. There are also two choices for color palettes.


Along the right side of the screen, you will see a variety of resource options.  You can search and preview the material while staying in the Blendspace site. Sites include YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Flickr, and Educreations.  Want to insert a webpage?  Just past in the website link or the embed code.  You can upload your own media files or insert items from your Dropbox or Google drive accounts.


In each tile (or box), you can add a resources (those I have listed above) or add text or a quiz.   To enter a resource, drag it into the tile. You can add a label to each tile and add a description as well.  Unhappy with your choice?  Just click the X and delete the item.  Want to see a larger view of the tile?  Select the magnifier for a closer look.


You can add text and use the editing tools to change font, layout or add a table or link.  An interesting feature is there quiz option which allows you to add multiple choice questions.  After your students take the quiz, they can see the correct responses and you can see the results in your account.


Sharing the information to students can be accomplished in several ways.  One option is to create a class.  This can be done from your home page in Blendspace.  Blendspace produces a code you can share with your students to allow them access to your class and any assigned lessons.  You can also send the link for your lesson or use edmodo, twitter, Facebook, or a QR code.  The lesson can also be embedded in your web page.  While sharing the lesson, you also have several privacy options.


You might want to use Blendspace as a curating tool.  Your students could collect resource and then add their own thoughts in the comment section of the tile.  Some folks make their lessons public and you can search for those in the gallery.  When you find one you like, copy it to your account.  You can then customize it for your needs.


There is a Chrome app for Blendspace but not one for the iPad yet you can access the site via your browser.  You can follow them on twitter @blendspace.

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