Google Apps – Create an Intranet for Your Organization

Google Apps – Create an Intranet for Your Organization

The great thing about creating a website with Google Sites is that you can limit who can see it.  So you can use it as an intranet for all staff or for management staff only or your department only.  You can even grant access to individuals outside your organization.  See attached screenshot of an intranet for Chatham’s Library Board of Trustees created with Google Sites.

You can do this in other ways, but Google Sites is free, cloud-based so no software to load and accessible from any device with Internet, good for the graphic-design-challenged.

I use a Google Site for my personal information portal from which I can access all my daily tasks -- screenshot attached.  This is a simple Google Site with permission for only me to access.

You can create a Site in minutes.  Step by step instructions at:

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