GOOGLE HANGOUTS ON AIR: How to Broadcast Your Hangout on Air

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How to Broadcast Your Hangout on Air

(1)  You have two options:

a.  Host your hangout and record your hangout to only people you invite (up to 10), but they must have a Google+ account.


b.  Host your hangout and invite Google+ users to join and simultaneously broadcast on YouTube to those who do not have a Google+ account (no limit to # of viewers).  By utilizing the YouTube option, you also will have a link of the broadcast to share with those who missed your live hangout.

(2)  See: Get Started With Hangouts on Air

(3)  Watch here how to broadcast Your Hangout On Air:

(4)  See here for: Commonly Asked Questions

(5)  Live Apps

     * Embed App allows you to embed your Hangout on Air from any website using the embed feature.

     * Cameraman App allows you to show or hide participants during a Hangout on Air.

     * Q & A App allows you to collect questions from your views before or during the Hangout.

     * Showcase App allows you to share links and show websites during the Hangout.

     * Google Drive App allows you to share and/or view documents, power points and more during your Hangout.

(6)  Live Conversations: Curious what hangouts are taking place right now?  Check out:

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