GOOGLE HANGOUTS ON AIR: What is Google Hangouts?

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What is Google Hangouts ?

Google Hangouts is a free video, chat and voice service that allows conversations to take place between two or more users.  While a similar tool to Facetime (Apple), Facebook Video Chat or Skype, Google Hangouts focuses more on group interactions, where the technology allows for automatic switching to focus on the face of the person chatting.

The service can be accessed online via Gmail, Google+ websites or the Hangout App available for Android and iOS.

There are a variety of different Google social products available. Here is a basic breakdown of some of the basic Google social platforms:

Google Plus:  Google+ is the social networking service provided by Google, Inc. A Google+ profile connects the user to all other Google properties (YouTube, Google Alerts, Gmail, etc.) and allows you to share with others with or without a Google+ account.

Google Circles: Google Circles is basically the way in which you group people for whom you wish to connect on your Google+ account.  You may choose to have different circles based on work, friends and family.

Google Hangouts on Air?:  Hangouts On Air allows users the ability to create instant video calls live on Google Hangouts and the ability to simultaneously broadcast on YouTube.  Hangouts on Air is a great platform for organizations to conduct meetings, online presentations, or other types of live broadcasts. See examples here:

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