Inkscape Tutorials (screencasts) by HeathenX

Inkscape Tutorials (screencasts) by HeathenX

From:, February 2014. By HeathenX
Submitted by: John LeMasney, Non-Member (Out of the State), Feb 26, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Inkscape, the free and open source vector design application complete with plugins, layers, path manipulation and more. The one issue with Inkscape is not an Inkscape issue at all. It's an issue with the interface of vector design and image manipulation applications in general. They are very different than browsers, office and productivity applications, and other familiar haunts on your desktop. There are a ton of options, effects, and settings to consider that have unfamiliar names like Bezier Tool, Path effects, and marquee selection. 

So, in that light, consider the great collection of over 100 videos that explain how to complete a visual design project from start to finish, using a screencast method, meaning that you hear a voiceover and watch the screen of the speaker as they do their work. HeathenX has done a great job of reinforcing good design methods, explains how Inkscape works in great detail, and makes fun designs. If you downloaded, installed, and opened Inkscape and then said "what now?", the answer may very well be right here. 

Contact Information: 

John LeMasney, LeMasney Consulting

609 553 9498

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  • Visual Social Media
  • Productivity Tools
  • Design & Development


  • Inkscape
  • design
  • screencasts
  • instruction

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