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I am really excited that library services are expanding. We have the opportunity, and sometimes challenge, of offering our community a new outlet for creativity and knowledge.  Outside of streaming services, there is the self-publishing market.  Libraries have the chance to offer this platform to their patrons.  Here are services that I feel are worth mentioning:


FastPencil:  A service from Recorded Books.  Patrons can create a eBook, ePUB or PDF, and offer it to an audience or keep their work private, via OneClick Digital or a upgrade to a commercial platform. It is a cloud-based writing platform where anyone has a tool to create a eBook.

Self-E:  A service offered by Library Journal and Biblioboard . Curation service, where authors can promote their eBook through libraries with collection development rules in place. Library Journal will review a submission before it is available for distribution.  

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