Seasonal Promotional Materials From Overdrive

Seasonal Promotional Materials From Overdrive

From: Seasonal Promotional Materials From Overdrive, December 2013. By Overdrive
Submitted by: Cynthia Lambert, New Jersey State Library - Law Library, Dec 11, 2013

Overdrive has created some seasonal promotional materials for libraries.  The kits contain customizable print ready templates and web graphics, etc.  I'm not 100% sold on promoting 'Overdrive'--I think we need to promote our library brand, not a vendor we pay.  That said--this is how we deliver the service.  To be fair, the materials are customizable so you can put your library URL in.  I do wish there were room for library logos, which should be on all our promo-materials.    Our patrons need to know Overdrive in order to access the service, so I guess this is where we are today.  

All of the materials have too many words on them--but that's the difficulty of e-book training!  It is so complicated, there is no snappy way to explain it.  If anyone has come up with a solution to this, please share it in the Technology In Action section of TechEx.  E-book marketing is needed--the collections cost far too much to not market them.  However, it is also really hard to do well.  I appreciate Overdrives efforts and will use these materials, but I do wish there was a better way.

A few years ago, Somerset County Library System made up gift cards that patrons include with the device they were giving as a gift.  It was a cute idea--a clever way to let people know, you have an alternative to buying e-books with your new toy.  This is the message I want to send--even when the library is closed on Christmas day, you can access the collection and download books, for free.  Still, despite the clever idea of a gift card and a great message, the payoff was minimal.  It assumes we know which patrons are giving devices as gifts--not a reality at all.

Instead of targeting the givers, I am going to try and hook people who received.  I will once again offer e-book open houses after the holidays.  This is the easiest program I do--me sitting at a table in the lobby with a laptop, a few devices, and a sign.  I encourage people to bring their device in and I'll help them get books immediately.  The laptop is so I can show the website and searching on something large enough that more than one person can watch at a time.  Often there are too many people for one person--so I can send them to others in the building, make a later appointment, or we all learn together which is what happens most often.  I have had other patrons helping when I get tied up, two people who are learning coach one another through the process, and I often recruit a second person to sit with me.  Next week's post will provide far more resources for training people, but I wanted to remind you of these resources (Overdrive just reminded me--so I thought I would pass it on...).  Until then....








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