Submitted by: Barbara De Santis, Sayreville Public Schools, Oct 13, 2013

Looking for an easy way to share web resources?  Try Symbaloo.  This free web tool allows you to distribute websites using colorful tiles that will surely appeal to younger (as well as visual) learners.  Just share a link with either a short cut, web posting, or email. Students can access Symbaloo at home or in school and it is available on mobile devices as well.  But others cannot edit your webmix.  As an educator, I use the free version of Symbaloo EDU account.  It is similar to the free version of Symbaloo but does have some education features for a paid upgrade.

Here is a quick overview of Symbaloo.

I employed Symbaloo to share a series of websites for a lesson last year. Rather than provide a list of sites, I shared this symbaloo webmix for all the class activities. Once the students had the webmix on their desktops, they could work through the activity using the sites for reference and information.

Click here to see a sample page.

These titles included all the sites the students needed for the project.   

Not only can you create your own webmixes- you can search, view, and copy webmixes created by others.  Search by topic or grade level.   Worried about sharing sites that might be proprietary to your location?  That is not an issue since you decide if your mix is will be private or public.  Only you can edit your own webmixes.


To recap, with Symbaloo, you can

  • Create your own customized webmixes and share them via a link or embed.
  • Search all public webmixes and add them add them to your symbaloo account.
  • Have students create their own symbaloo webmixes (you do need a valid email to generate an account.  If your students do not have an email capable of receiving a verification from symbaloo, create a class account and allow each student to create their own webmix tab)

If you are interested in more information on Symbaloo, you can read their blog here.  You can follow Symbaloo on twitter or Facebook.

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