Welcome to the LibraryLinkNJ Website!

LibraryLinkNJ launched this website in April 2011. The way you use the LibraryLinkNJ website has changed. Check out the guidelines (PDF file) below for the step-by-step instructions on how to use our website and a screencast will be also posted shortly.  

[ updated on April 25, 2011 ]

As we promised in our website launch announcement, here are our step-by-step screencasting instructions on how to create a user account and how to register for a class or event. More screencasting videos on how to use the LibraryLinkNJ website will be posted soon. Special thanks to Joanne Roukens, our Assistant Director, for making these videos for the membership! 

We are planning to implement exciting new features to the website and create other online services in the future.  We expect the current listserv structure to be in place for 30-60 days following the website launch. We give special thanks to our own staff and the Website Advisory Task Force for evaluating and testing the website navigation and functionality. 

Users will be assigned a role depending on their user account status and their responsibilities in their library.  Here are the three most important defined roles of General Users for LibraryLinkNJ:

User Role

Accessible Tasks


(no user account)

  • Can only view content that is marked for public viewing
  • Can use the delivery stats report form.
  • Forum content will not be visible to anonymous users.


(users with an account)


  • Update own user information and reset password.
  • Register for events (all event types including Continuing Education programs).  With the new site launch, we only take event registrations online.
  • View and Participate in forums.
  • Make comments.
  • Use any online forms in the future.

Primary Contact

(users with an account and listed as the primary contact for their library on our website)

  • All Accessible Tasks for Authenticated User, plus the following:
  • Update their library information (except for Delivery ID, Delivery Frequency, and Voting Rep)


For all individual users:

  • Please create your user account in order to have permission to do the accessible tasks listed for the Authenticated users above.  You have to create your account with your work email address first in order to authenticate your identity.  Once your account is approved by the admin and you set your password, you can update the email address.  
  • The new website will provide a secure way to reset your password yourself at any time.  If you need to reset or have forgotten your password, go to our website and click the “Request New Password” link and provide your email address.  We will send you a link to your email address that allows you to reset your password


If you are the library director or the head of your library, regardless of library type, we ask you to do the following to ensure your library’s information is up-to-date.

Before we launched, we asked you to check your library’s information on our website and to send Mi-Sun Lyu the information for the primary contact of your library.

If you  have sent the primary contact information already;

  1. Please have your primary contact create a user account on our website with the work email address that you provided us.
  2. Please update your library information (Instructions).
  3. You can update all the information, except for Delivery ID, Delivery Frequency, and Voting Rep.  If you need to update any of the information, please contact Mi-Sun Lyu at lyu[a]librarylinknj.org.

If you have not sent the primary contact information yet; 

  1. Please go to the Member Search page
  2. Find your library information and ONLY check if the primary contact (name & email address) listed on your library information page is correct.  If the primary contact information is correct, please follow the instructions above.
  3. If the information is not correct or you want to change the primary contact; or if you do not see any primary contact information, please email me (lyu[a]librarylinknj.org) with the information (name & work email address) as soon as possible. If you need to have two people assigned as your library's primary contacts, please send me the second person's name and work email address as well. 


If you have any questions about performing a specific task on the LibraryLinkNJ website, please do not hesitate to contact Mi-Sun Lyu (lyu[a]librarylinknj.org).   

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