Generational Diversity—The Power of Inclusion

This highly interactive program will provide all library staff with the tools and skills to work and manage effectively across age diversity.

Participants will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the four generations and their preferred work style
  • Discuss generational differences as it relates to motivation, feedback, communication, leadership, and work-life balance
  • Introduce the concept of Micro-inequities and how these small behaviors can have a strong impact on performance, engagement, leadership, and collaboration
  • Provide techniques for recognizing and addressing these counter-productive behaviors and attitudes related to age diversity
  • Emphasize the importance of demonstrating respect when working with individuals that are different from ourselves
  • Practice the skill of Inclusive Dialogue to promote inclusion and positive relationships with co-workers and library patrons

Note: Offered in 3-hour or 5-hour versions. The description above is for the 5-hour version. The 3-hour version will have less content and cover fewer topics. The consultant will work with you to determine the best format and what content can be included.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Leadership, Team-Building and Customer Service
Personal Development
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