How MentorNJ Mentors' Directory Works?

The purpose of the Mentors' Directory is to provide a list of library professionals and paraprofessionals who are able and willing to be a mentor to anyone who is seeking for help for their professional development and network. Anyone in the New Jersey Library Community can be a mentor, and anyone can contact the mentors listed on the directory. Please note that this directory does not intend to match or maintain mentoring relationships between mentors and mentees. Rather, it is an open network for all mentors and mentees.

  • This list shows a summary version of "About Me" for each mentor. Please click the mentor's name or 'Read more' text link to read full "About Me" from the mentors. 
  • If you find any mentor who you think is a good match for you, please contact that mentor by using "Contact person by email" link (Online Contact Form) below his/her name.
  • Please share your experience with your mentor(s) with us, by using the Mentor/Mentee Feedback Form.

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Mentors are a group of library professionals and paraprofessionals who are able and willing to share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues who seek a mentor for their professional development and network.

  • Mentors should be New Jersey based and have a user account on the LibraryLinkNJ’s website.
  • Any librarians and paraprofessionals in New Jersey, who can and want to volunteer to be a mentor.
  • There is no limit on the years of experience you must have to be part of the Mentors network. If you are a new librarian who feels as though they are professionally ready to take on a mentee, you can do so. The only requirement is that you should be able to help mentees and answer their questions.
  • You can list yourself to the directory by filling out the Mentor Directory Form (log-in required). You will be asked to provide your name, library name, bio (self-introduction), and areas of your expertise, email address, and phone number.
    • Please note that your contact information is only for the admin use and will not be shared on the directory.
    • Would you like to participate in the MentorNJ Public Library Job Shadowing Program? Or, are you a current participant of the NJLA College and University Section Job Shadowing Program for Academic Library? Please indicate that when you fill out the Mentors Directory Form (log-in required). If you are already listed as a mentor, simply update your mentor info! Please find more about the Job Shadowing Programs!
    • You can also upload your photo if you don’t mind! If you need any help with your photo upload, please contact Mi-Sun at
  • Mentees can only contact you via an online contact form, and you will get the mentee information (name, contact info, and their needs) via email. If you can mentor the person, please respond to the mentee directly. Please try to respond even if you cannot help, so that the mentee can contact other mentors.
  • If you experience any good mentoring experience through this service, please feel free to share it by using the Mentor/Mentee Feedback Form!
  • We ask mentors for a minimum commitment of one-year when they are listed on the mentors' directory. This is a recommendation, and you can be a mentor as long as you can, or remove your info from the directory anytime you can. 
  • You will be able to take your name off the directory temporarily or permanently if you are unable to take on a mentee.  Please see the instructions for "How to Update a Mentor Information" below.  

How to Update a Mentor Information:

  • Please log into your user account and click your name on the directory.
  • Click “Edit” tab at the top of your information page.
  • Update any information:
    • If you want to take your name off the directory temporarily, check the radio button for "Temporarily Inactive" under "Mentor Status" field.  Your information will be removed the Mentors' Directory after you click "Save" button.
    • When you can take on a mentee again, please go to the Inactive Mentors' List --- You have to log into your user account to view this list, as it is not visible to the publc.  Check "Currently Active" radion button under "Mentors Status" field. Your information will be listed on the Mentors' Directory again after you click "Save" button.
  • Please make sure you click “Save” button at the bottom after you are done updating your information.
  • If you want to remove your name off the directory permanently, please click "Delete" button at the bottom.

Mentor Goodies and E-Badge

  • All our mentors will get our promo MentorNJ lanyard and lunch bag! If you haven't received yours yet, please contact us!
  • We have created a badge for all mentors that you can add to your email signature if you want! Please check the badge info!

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  • Mentees can be from anywhere.
  • Librarians and paraprofessionals new to the profession or to the state who look for information about the New Jersey Library Community and/or seek a mentor for their professional development and network.
  • Librarians and paraprofessionals who have taken over new job responsibilities and need a mentor for their new responsibilities.
  • Anyone who is interested in pursuing a library career in the state of New Jersey
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about New Jersey libraries
  • You can look through the directory and contact any mentor(s) if you feel the person is a good match for your needs and individual professional goals. Use the contact form link for any mentor(s) you would like to contact!
  • If you are interested in working at a public or an academic library in New Jersey, please also check out the Job Shadowing Programs!
  • The mentor you contacted will get back to you.
  • If you experience positive guidance with your mentor(s) through this service, please feel free to share it by using the Mentor/Mentee Feedback Form!
  • Please note this is not intended as a job search program. Please refer to NJ library resources for employment listings,

Any questions?  Please contact us via, or feel free to contact our project team

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