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To be eligible to be a member of LibraryLinkNJ, The New Jersey Library Cooperative, a library or library-related agency must have:

  • Explicit service objectives;
  • A fixed library location and regular hours of service;
  • An organized collection of information and materials accessible for use by its designated clientele;

  • Qualified and responsible staff;
  • An identifiable organizational structure with a legal basis for operation and an established funding program; and,
  • The willingness and ability to contribute to the appropriate services and programs as determined by LibraryLinkNJ including the designation of a Voting Representative to the cooperative.
  • Specific Voting Representative responsibilities include among others: reviewing, adopting and amending the Bylaws; electing the Executive Board; approving the multi-year strategic plan and annual program; approving the annual budget; and sharing communication about cooperative services to all appropriate library staff.

See the LibraryLinkNJ Bylaws, Article III Membership for more details.

For an application form, contact the office at 732-752-7720. 

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