Spring Membership Meeting 2018

Come out to network and participate with your colleagues!
Program: Changes, Trends, and Values: Telling Stories About the Library of the Future
6/13/2018 @ Forsgate Country Club

E-Update: Important Board Updates, Member Spotlight on Karen Parry, and Learn at Your Leisure

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Mark your calendars now!
There will be a Spring 2018 Series of Super Library Supervisor held at the Monroe Township Library (Middlesex County).

Registration will open on Feb. 14, 2018.

Facilitation Skills Workshop Series 2018

A series of three full-day, interactive, face-to-face workshops!

This series of workshops will help you move your career forward, position your libraries as central to your community’s well-being, and develop skills to promote intra-community understanding.

Intrigued? Learn the details at the full program page!

LibraryLinkNJ's Project Management Series 2018

A series of face-to-face workshops and webinars, and guidance on implementing a project at your library.

Intrigued? Learn the details at the full project page!

On-site, On-Demand Staff Development - FY2018


LibraryLinkNJ Provides a Subsidy of Up to $750
Let us Help You Make a Difference!


Business, Software, Career Skills -
Online training free to
LibraryLinkNJ members
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Upcoming Events

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Statewide Strategic Plan for the Future of Libraries in New Jersey
what you do or what you’ve done by posting to "Strategic Plan."

Delivery Question from LLNJ

Delivery - Unique Hours Survey

• This question is only for LibraryLinkNJ members who use the delivery service.

• We need your help. LibraryLinkNJ is preparing to re-bid the delivery contract later this year. In preparation, we need some information about any unique daytime weekday hours your library is open. We are defining “unique” as anything shorter than a full 9 am to 5 pm. 

School libraries on delivery do not need to respond to this request.

• Please find out if your library needs to respond to this question and fill fill out the survey form before Friday, July 14th.

LibraryLinkNJ is in a precarious financial situation, and we are now at a crisis point. If we cannot secure sustainable funding, the Executive Board will propose that LibraryLinkNJ dissolve and cease operations by the end of FY19 (June 30, 2019).

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Budget updates!



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