LLNJ School Libraries Pathfinder

LLNJ School Libraries Pathfinder

Compiled by LibraryLinkNJ, this page is designed to guide our school library members in navigating and finding the most relevant information and best programs we offer for their library and staff.

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Skill-Sharing Conversations. Share your knowledge with NJ colleagues Skill-Sharing Converation: Book Challenge Toolkits

Thursday, December 7th, 11am-12pm

Are you interesting in creating a Book Challenge Toolkit, but unsure where to get started? Then this Zoom skill-sharing conversation is for you. 

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LLNJ LearningSpace LLNJ LearningSpace

Learn at your own time and pace in our LearningSpace

The School Library Learning Pathway is currently in development. Stay tuned for an announcement from LLNJ this fall!

Questions or suggestions can be directed to Jon Braun, our Online Learning & Digital Content Specialist.

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Featured Programs Featured Programs

Adult Craft Show & Share
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

LLNJ Overview Info Session for NJASL's PD Committee
December 11th at 7pm
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LibraryLinNJ AI Series

Connect & Network

Mentors' Directory Mentors' Directory

Meet the Library Mentors --- library professionals and paraprofessionals who are willing to be a mentor to anyone who is seeking help in their professional development and/or to develop a network of colleagues! Anyone in the New Jersey Library Community can be a mentor, and anyone can contact the mentors listed in the directory. 

Guidelines for Mentors & Mentees
MentorNJ Online Meet-ups MentorNJ Online Meet-ups

This is the time and place to discuss your concerns, share your ideas, and “hang out” with your colleagues.

Featured meet-ups for you: 


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Special Events

In-person School Libraries Meetup
NJASL Conference 
12/4 @ 10:30am, Seminole Ballroom III

Save the Date for
MentorNJ Mega Meetup

March 5, 2024 @ Monroe Township Library
The event details will be announced soon!

LibraryLinkNJ & You

What is LibraryLinkNJ?
LibraryLinkNJ, The New Jersey Library Cooperative, is a member-based organization, serving over 2,500 multi-type libraries and library-related agencies. We connect all New Jersey's libraries to each other and to the resources they need to serve their communities. LibraryLinkNJ and its services are funded by the New Jersey State Library, which is responsible for the coordination, promotion, and funding of the New Jersey Library Network. We have over 1100 voting representatives — Each of the member organizations has a designated voting representative, and public school libraries can designate one voting rep for their school district. Explore our website to find more information about our members, continuing education programs, statewide delivery service, MentorNJ service, and more!

LibraryLinkNJ Members & Individual User Accounts

  • Any New Jersey libraries and library Institutions can be the members of LibraryLinkNJ. Members join at no charge and pay no dues.
  • Anyone who works at our member libraries can register for a user account on our website. 

Member Libraries List
View all our member libraries! If your library information needs to be updated, please contact us at Email. We are currently planning to restructure our membership database this fall. You will hear from us soon to list all individual school libraries within your school district!

Individual User Account
If you don’t have a user account with us, we encourage you to create one so that you can stay up to date with our new service and program offerings, register for our programs, and participate in online forums, etc. Find more information about LLNJ Website User Account Criteria

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