What is it?

As part of the MentorNJ Initiative, library staff in NJ are encouraged to organize and participate in small local meet-up sessions on a variety of themes.

This is an opportunity for local librarians and library staff to get together in an informal way and discuss issues and topics related to our daily work. MentorNJ encourages library staff to host or attend a NJ Library Meetup(s) so you can do more of what matters to you and meet colleagues near you who share your interests. Learn from others, and share your insights on targeted topics.

Anyone can host a meet-up and promote it online on the MentorNJ Meet-Up page. Everyone is invited to any meet-up with topics that are of their interest.

If you have any questions about the meet-up or have any suggestions, please contact one of our meet-up coordinators:

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Hosting a meet-up

If you want to host a small meet-up at your library:

  • Log into your LibraryLinkNJ User account. If you don’t have a user account yet, please register at: http://librarylinknj.org/user/register
  • Click “HOSTING A MEET-UP FORM”. The link is also listed under MentorNJ/SMALL MEET-UPS menu. Provide your meet-up info including the topic & short description, date/time, location, and your contact info. Click “Save” button at the bottom.
  • Your meet-up will be automatically listed on the Meet-Up Calendar and the List page:
  • Please make sure to include your contact info and your preference on how you want people to contact you to attend your meet-up.
  • If you need to update any info, click your meet-up schedule on the Calendar of the List page. You will be able to edit your own meet-up page info.
  • After your meet-up is held, it will be listed on the Past Meet-Up Page: http://librarylinknj.org/MentorNJ/meetup/past
  • If you have any resources or a summary of your meet-up discussions that you want to share with everyone, go back to your meet-up page. Click “Edit” and add a link to that resource page at the end of the meet-up form. The link will appear on your meet-up info page and on the Past Meet-Up page list.
  • If you and your attendees are inspired by your discussions, you are more than encouraged to make your meet-up regular or semi-regular. If this is the case, please let our meet-up coordinators know!

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Attending a meet-up

If you want to attend a small meet-up:

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