Project Management Series 2017

Project Management Series 2017


Series Description


Members registering for the Project Management Series are committing to attending and participating in all of the following components:

  • Two Project Management Workshops
    • Project Management Fundamentals (101) (half-day, in-person)
    • Managing A Library Project (full-day, in-person)
  • Managing Your Own Library Project : March - November 2017
  • Online Project Management Tools Tutorial (

The series will be open to all LibraryLinkNJ member libraries. Participation will be limited to 30 people, with a limit of no more than two participants from one library organization. A Save-the-Date announcement is being shared with the member libraries in June 2016 to help library staff get approval for their participation from their directors and to prepare for registration, which will open in September 13, 2016. Please read the series details including eligibility, registration process and requirements if you are interested.

1. Project Management Workshops 
This initiative will start with three workshops (two face-to-face, one delivered as a webinar) that will enable participants to understand the basics of project management and the dynamics of managing a project in a library setting. These workshops will help participants develop and implement a project of their own.

(1) Project Management Fundamentals (101)

  • Presenter: Sam Sena, PMP, Global Technology Manager, Diligent Corporation 
  • Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016
  • Time: 12:30pm - 4:00pm (Lunch at 12:00pm)
  • Location: Monroe Township Library (Middlesex County)
  • In-person half-day workshop
  • Program Description and Details

(2) Managing A Library Project

  • Presenter: Jennifer Vinopal, Head of Digital Scholarship Services, New York University
  • Date: Friday, February 3, 2017 (Friday, Feb. 10 as a snow date)
  • Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm (Refreshments at 9:30am & lunch break between 12:00-12:45)
  • Location: Monroe Township Library (Middlesex County)
  • In-Person full-day workshop
  • Program Description & Details

(3) Asana or Basecamp Tutorial

  • via LibraryLinkNJ's subscriptions. 

2. Managing Your Own Library Project 
The participants will develop an actual library project plan and implement it Spring through Fall 2017, which will give them flexibility with selecting project types and scheduling.

(1) Developing a project proposal:

  • During the Project Management Fundamentals workshop, participants will learn how to write a simple project proposal, and they will be asked to develop an actual project idea and draft a proposal for a project before they return for the Managing A Library Project workshop.
  • All proposal drafts will be shared with Jennifer Vinopal, the presenter for Managing A Library Project workshop and Mi-Sun Lyu, Project Manager. Jennifer will share her comments and help participants revise their project proposal during workshop. Mi-Sun will also assist participants to complete their proposals on time.

(2) Getting the Proposal Approved and Implementing A Project

  • Participants will complete their proposal following the last workshop. They will submit it to LibraryLinkNJ and their library director. LibraryLinkNJ and the participants’ library directors will give final approval on their project proposals by March 10, 2017.
  • LibraryLinkNJ will subsidize up to $300 per participating library for each proposed project. (If a project proposal is budgeted over $300, administrative approval from the participant’s library will be required.)
  • In the case of participating libraries completing projects jointly, LibraryLinkNJ will fund up to $300 per participating library.
  • Participants will manage their project as a project manager (or a leader if there are two participants from one library organization) at their library during the implementation period.

(3) Project Reports

  • Participants will submit the final project report at the completion of their project or by Thursday, November 30, 2017.
  • Participants will also attach all documents used for their project to their final report.
  • Final reports and related documents will be submitted to the LibraryLinkNJ Executive Director and Board and will be also shared with the membership on the LibraryLinkNJ website.

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Requirements for Participation

Series Participants:

  • Participants are responsible for securing approval from their library director to register for the series. 
  • Participants will commit to attend all workshops and take action as scheduled below: 
Workshop Name or Task to Complete  Date or Due Date
Workshop: Project Management Fundamentals 101 November 2, 2016
Webinar: Follow up on PM Fundamentals 101 December 21, 2016
Developing an Initial Project Proposal By January 13, 2017
Workshop: Managing A Library Project  February 3, 2017 (Feb. 10 as a snow date)
Completion of Project Proposal and Final Approval by LibraryLinkNJ and the Participating Library Directors By March 10, 2017
Implementing Your Own Project March - October 2017
Project Completion Report & Documentation Submission to LibraryLinkNJ At the completion of a project through November 30, 2017
  • Participants will serve as a project manager (or a leader if there are two participants from one library organization) for their own project plan.
  • Participants will save and share all documents used for their project with LibraryLinkNJ.
  • Participants will write a final report and submit it to their director and LibraryLinkNJ.

Participating Libraries:

  • Participating Libraries’ Directors must complete an online agreement form to confirm their staff member’s eligibility and registration for the series. The online form will be available from September 13 through 23, 2016. (Note: School Librarians/Media Specialists are exempt from completing the Agreement Form. We will consider your registration for the series as a commitment to satisfy all requirements to participate in the Project Management Series.)
  • Participating Libraries’ Directors are committing to send their staff to all three workshops and allow their staff time to develop a project plan, implement the project and submit a final report by all deadlines.
  • If a project proposal is budgeted over the $300 subsidy from LibraryLinkNJ, administrative approval from the participant’s library will be required.

If you have any questions, please contact Mi-Sun Lyu at lyu [at]

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FY2017 Series Participants & Projects

Here is the list of the participants who completed the 2017 series and their projects. 

Libraries Participants Projects
Burlington County Library System Michelle Martin Community Stories Increase Engagement 
Project Proposal | Final Report | Lessons Learned
Chathams Joint Free Public Library Robert Schriek Chatham Reference Web Page Redesign
Project Charter | Final Report
Dowdell Library of South Amboy Elaine R. Gaber Expand Your World: Using Astronomy to Encourage Lifelong Learning
Project Proposal | Final Report | Lessons Learned
East Orange Public Library Richetta Wilson Lobban An Effective Signage Program for EOPL
Project Proposal | Final Report | Lessons Learned
Hudson County Community College John DeLooper ILS Migration
Project Proposal | Final Report
Madison Free Public Library Emily Weisenstein & Cassidy Charles Madison Library Makerspace
Project Proposal | Final Report
Monroe Township Public Library Monica Goldberg Discovery Day 2017
Project Proposal | Final Report
Newark Public Library Susan Lazzari Ironbound Community Art Project
Project Charter | Final Report | Lessons Learned
Nutley Public Library Megan Kociolek & Michelle Albert Diversity within Our Community
Project Proposal | Final Report
Plainsboro Public Library Nick Olimpaito People Counter Project Plan
Project Proposal | Final Report
Princeton Public Library Sonja Vloeberghs & Erica Bess First Floor Refresh at Princeton Public Library
Project Proposal & Schedule | Final Report
Raritan Valley Community College Megan Dempsey & Alyssa Valenti ILS Migration to WMS
Project Proposal | Final Report
Ridgewood Public Library Kathy Canarozzi iRPL - Digital Resources @ Ridgewood Public Library
Project Proposal | Final Report | Lessons Learned
Roselle Public Library Jeanne Marie Ryan & Maria Crespo Revamping the Youth Area and Collections
Project Proposal | Final Report
Secaucus Public Library Lisa Machno Makerspace Camp
Project Proposal | Final Report
Spotswood Public Library C.L. Quillen  
Springfield Public Library Ian Allcock Joining LMxAC: System Conversion & Staff Training
Project Proposal | Final Report
Summit Public Library Beata Barrasso Conduct Inventory and Develop Database Maintenance Procedures
Project Proposal | Final Report

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