LibraryLinkNJ Website Use Policies

LibraryLinkNJ Website Use Policies

LibraryLinkNJ Members & Individual User Accounts

  • Any New Jersey libraries and library Institutions can be the members of LibraryLinkNJ. Members join at no charge and pay no dues.
  • Anyone who works at our member libraries can register for a user account on our website. 

Member Libraries List
View all our member libraries! If your library information needs to be updated, please contact us at Email. We are currently planning to restructure our membership database this fall. You will hear from us soon to list all individual school libraries within your school district!

Individual User Account
If you don’t have a user account with us, we encourage you to create one so that you can stay up to date with our new service and program offerings, register for our programs, and participate in online forums, etc. Find more information about LLNJ Website User Account Criteria

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LibraryLinkNJ Website User Account Criteria

[ Approved by the Executive Board July 18, 2013 meeting. ]

Welcome! We’re happy that you want to apply for a User Account.

Why You Need a User Account:

Most of the content of our website is open to everyone to use without restriction.
A User Account gives you rights to the following additional services:

  • Register for a class/event
  • Participate in LLNJ communication via the LLNJ Online Forums
    • Write a topic and comment in our discussion Forums
    • Subscribe and receive forum email notifications:
      • Please note that you are automatically subscribed to the “Announcements” forum at your user account approval.
      • Please find more information on how you can set up Forum email notification subscriptions at the Forum FAQ page
  • Contribute to member created content on LibraryLinkNJ's website, e.g. MentorNJ Mentors' Directory and the DO-Diversity resources page. 

Please read all the following information before proceeding to create a User Account

User Account Approval: Your application is an online form, but approval is not an automated process. Your request will be reviewed and approved within two business days.

IMPORTANT: If you need a User Account immediately so that you can register for a program or other service, please call (do not email staff) the LibraryLinkNJ office at 732-752-7720.


  • Who is eligible for a User Account:
    • Staff members, library trustees or library commissioners currently employed by or affiliated with a LibraryLinkNJ member library
    • Library School Students
      : Students must be currently enrolled in coursework for MLIS or Certified School Library Media Specialist in an accredited academic program in New Jersey. Students must use their school email address in the online form.
  • Who is not eligible for a User Account:
    • Retired staff from member libraries
    • Former staff members, library trustees and library commissioners not actively employed by or affiliated with a member library
    • Library school students enrolled in coursework for MLIS or Certified School Library Media Specialist in programs outside of New Jersey.
    • Library job seekers not employed by a member library. The Job Posting Forum is open to everyone and does not require a User Account to view.
  • Username: You can set your username to be anything as long as it is unique. Please keep in mind that your username will be displayed to others when you post forum topics, leave comments, or participate in other ways online.
  • Email Address: You MUST use your work email address to create your account in order to authenticate your identity. LibraryLinkNJ requires additional confirmation information from User Account applicants who do not provide a work email address from a member library.

    If you do not have a work email address from a member library or use a personal email address for work, please do the following:

    1. Fill out the “Create a New Account” form.
    2. AND You must ask your library director or immediate supervisor to email our website administrator Mi-Sun Lyu (Email) with the following information (the email needs to come from the director or supervisor’s work email address):
      • Your name
      • Your personal email address that you used to fill out the “Create a New Account” form.
      • A statement confirming that you are employed or otherwise officially associated with the library
  • Once you have a User Account, you can edit your account and use your personal email address.
  • Discontinuing Accounts: LibraryLinkNJ reserves the right to discontinue a User Accounts if we find the account owner is no longer eligible.

Create Your User Account:

  • If you have read the criteria and instructions above, please proceed to fill out the Create a New Account online form.

If you have any questions about User Accounts, please contact Mi-Sun Lyu – or call the LibraryLinkNJ office at 732-752-7720.

LibraryLinkNJ Forum Guidelines

The LibraryLinkNJ Forums are a place where members can share comments, thoughts, ideas and experiences related to our work in libraries. All LibraryLinkNJ members are encouraged to use the forums to connect with each other, discuss library topics, share information, raise issues, and to give and receive support.

  • Register yourself on the website to obtain access to participate in the Forums. By registering, you acknowledge and agree to follow the established Guidelines.
  • The Guidelines are designed to make the forums a courteous and businesslike place for sharing and exchanging library related information.
  • Everyone is encouraged to post new topics or other content at any time.
  • LibraryLinkNJ staff will contact you directly if you post anything to a forum that is not in accordance with the Guidelines.

In order to provide one another with a welcoming environment and facilitate a more lively community, forum users agree to follow these basic guidelines:

  1. The Forums are Yours!
    We encourage you to use the forums in the ways you feel most comfortable. Feel free to visit all the forums to read the postings or comments (sometimes referred to as "lurking"), or post questions and replies as often as you wish. You are able to edit and/or delete your own postings, but it is not possible to attach documents to a posting or comment.  Forum topics are keyword searchable, using  the website search box at the top of every page.
  2. Be Honest and Clear
    When registering, avoid choosing a username with the explicit intention of impersonating another person.  When posting, be clear and transparent about your identity, intentions, concerns, and opinions.
  3. Be Considerate
    Feel free to engage in a spirited discussion or disagree with the opinions of other members, but avoid verbal attacks or insults towards individuals (both members and non-members) and organizations. This practice is sometimes called "flaming" and can disrupt participation and information sharing. If you have any doubt about whether your post will be viewed as such an attack, please feel free to contact the moderator by email and ask for his/her advice. You can email the moderator at  Please be sure to put "community guidelines" in the subject line.
  4. Watch Your Language
    While there are no filters on posted content, members should refrain from using profane, obscene, discriminatory, abusive or otherwise disrespectful language.
  5. Ads Not Allowed
    Please do not post non-library business promotions, advertisements, marketing materials, organization logos or spam. Any individuals or non-member organizations that want to reach the LibraryLinkNJ membership with information about their services should email Email with "promotion" in the subject line.
  6. Be Kind, No Caps
    While they may be fun and exciting to write, messages in all caps are NOT FUN TO READ and are considered to be the written form ofan angry or raised voice.
  7. Free Advice Isn't Always Good Advice
    While members should use the forums to share advice and information, the entire community cannot vouch for everything that is communicated among participants. It is not smart to rely solely upon one fellow member's advice. Get a second or third opinion (especially if you are making a big decision).
  8. Stay on Topic
    Although there are plenty of topics that should and need to be discussed, please remember that our space is dedicated to LibraryLinkNJ or other library related content and discussions. When posting to discussions, please try to keep your comments consistent with the content being discussed in that thread. When posting to the forums, place your posts in the topic area(s) that are related.  If a posting is off-topic, LibraryLinkNJ staff may post it to another, more relevant area. If your topic is ever removed, a moderator will contact you.
  9. We're Listening
    When posting to forums, please post your message or question to only one forum. If members believe that a post or reply is off-topic, they should alert the moderator at Email.   LibraryLinkNJ reserves the right to remove or halt any discussion that is deemed inappropriate or that would weaken the value of the forums and inhibit the fulfillment of its purpose, i.e., the sharing of library information.
  10. But What If?
    If a member is found to be in violation of these forum guidelines, the moderator may remove or move the post, and they will send a notice to the offending member. Extreme or repetitive violations may result in loss of forum privileges. Members should alert the moderator by email to posts that are offensive to them or if they feel they are being harassed. You can email with "forum guidelines" in the subject line. We know everyone willplay nice.
  11. Comments, Suggestions, Questions
    If you have comments, questions, concerns or suggestions about the forum guidelines, please send an email to  Email.