Delivery Statistics Requirements:

NOTE: any library that does not comply risks eligibility for future delivery services.

  • Use delivery statistics sheet (Log)
  • Maintain local file of statistics sheets for 12-months (rolling).
  • Submit the total number of outgoing packages (shipped) of the month online (Delivery Stats Report Form).
  • Train staff on all aspects of local delivery statistics procedures.

1. Use Delivery Statistics Form (Log)
    The LibraryLinkNJ office provides monthly Delivery Log forms. 

  • Download and post the form at the established delivery Pickup/Dropoff spot.
  • For each delivery day, record on the form the number of outgoing packages (shipped).  
  • If no packages/boxes are sent on a delivery day, enter "0".
  • Track that the driver initials the form whether or not he/she picks up any packages/boxes so that the form serves as a record that the stops are being made.
  • If the driver misses an expected delivery stop, draw a line through the day and report it to the LibraryLinkNJ office the next day. Please contact us at 732-752-7720 or email Carol Fishwick at
  • Total the delivery statistics at the end of the month and submit them online no later than the 10th of the following month.

Note: LibraryLinkNJ's fax number is 732-752-7785. The 1-800 Toll Free fax number is no longer in service. 



2. Maintain a local file of delivery statistics sheets for a rolling 12 months.

Staff from the LibraryLinkNJ office may contact a library on delivery regarding questions regarding missed stops. It is imperative that a library is able to retrieve the monthly stat sheet in question. The library may be asked to fax that form to the office.

3. Submit Statistics Online.

Delivery Stats Report Form

  • Total the delivery statistics for items shipped at the end of the month.
  • Use this form to submit the stats no later than the 10th of the following month.
  • Click "Submit" button at the bottom after you fill out the form.
  • Retain one year of your hard copy of the delivery statistics forms should questions arise later.

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