Navigating Our Unconscious: Strategies for Managing Implicit Bias

This highly interactive program will:

  • Present the latest neuroscience research on unconscious bias and micro-inequities
  • Raise awareness of how managing our own bias can promote stronger collaboration among staff members and stakeholders resulting in more effective leadership, efficient resource sharing, enhanced customer service and innovative solutions
  • Introduce the concept of micro-inequities and how these small behaviors can have a strong impact on performance, engagement, leadership, and collaboration
  • Emphasize the importance of demonstrating respect when working with individuals that are different from ourselves
  • Provide techniques for recognizing and addressing counter-productive behaviors and attitudes
  • Practice the skill of Inclusive Dialogue to promote inclusion and positive relationships with co-workers and library patrons

Note: This is a 3 hour program

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Leadership, Team-Building and Customer Service
Personal Development
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