Building Background Knowledge and Developing a Research Framework

How do you introduce the concepts of fact-checking and verifying sources to those just getting started with the research process? The second module in our three part series on information literacy is designed for educators and librarians looking to reinforce these practices.

"What Do I Know?" provides a framework to enhance research and digital literacy skills for learners of all ages. Led by media literacy scholar David Cooper Moore, the module emphasizes the importance of building background knowledge and fact-checking. Through discussion and interactive exercises, participants are taught to explore and expand upon what they already know, setting the stage for deeper investigation.

"What Do I Know?" is the newest addition to the LibraryLinkNJ LearningSpace and can be found in the Original On-Demand Trainings section of the main menu. Once you're finished with the course, please take a moment to provide feedback as it helps us significantly in the development of these modules. We appreciate your feedback! 

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