Build-Your-Own Hands-On Technology Workshop

Book 3 hours or 5 hours to learn that technology tool you’ve heard so much about, but haven’t quite made the time to learn and implement! From a wide menu of options, choose one or more technology tools for learning and sharing—including tools for storytelling, search, communication, curation, presentation—and prepare for an interactive, inspiring and practical session that will help you spice up your teaching practice!

Choose from tools such as:

  • Storytelling: StoryBird, Little Bird Tales, Animoto, Storyboardthat
  • Search: Google Image Search, Sweet Search, Qwiki, Bing image search
  • Communication: Edmodo, Mindomo, Twitter, Google Classroom
  • Sharing & Curation: Symbaloo,, Pearltrees, Blendspace, Smore, Google Keep
  • Presentation: Prezi, Wordle, Tagxedo, Museum Box, Google Sites and Slides

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Integrate new technology tools into lesson and unit plans
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to teach and share new technology tools with students
  • Use new technology tools to improve and enliven their teaching practice
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