Finding Teachable Moments in Regular Library Activities

Whether you are planning a workshop, need to demonstrate a new product or technology or have only 15 minutes with a library user you can find opportunities to utilize teaching strategies. These opportunities abound in our everyday interaction with our communities.

This course is designed for all types of librarians in public services and will look at our regular interactions with our communities to apply instructional techniques. Through the lenses of universal design and culturally relevant pedagogy, we can be assured that we are being as inclusive as possible in our teaching and presentations and all of our instructional interactions. Awareness of these concepts allow us to cater to as many as possible. Strategies of engaging participants in face to face or remote programs will be addressed. We will look at planning the instruction: We will establish goals of the ‘event’ which will align with the instructional strategies. We will look at assessing the learning of our audience. We will focus on both in-person engagement and remote environments. We will leverage communication technologies like zoom to maximize participant interaction.

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