Delivery Service to School Libraries Ends, Resumes on September 9, 2024

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LibraryLinkNJ Program/Service Overview

Please share this information with all personnel involved in delivery.

Delivery service to school libraries is halted during the summer months.

The last possible delivery service stop/pick-up to school libraries will be Friday, June 1​4​, 202​4​.​ This is the last date any school library can expect to receive materials. Not the last date you can ship materials out to them.​

School Members on Delivery: If you do not have a Friday stop, please note the actual last day you are scheduled to receive delivery service in advance of June 1​4​ and plan accordingly.

Non-School Members on Delivery: Many school libraries have only twice a week delivery service and may not have a Friday delivery. If you can, ship out school materials at least 1 week before June 1​4​.

Delivery Service to schools will resume the week of Monday, September 9, 2024​.
School materials in the system after June 1​4 will be shipped out in September.

If you have any questions, please fill out our Delivery Support Form