LLNJ Delivery Update #8

New Vendor for Statewide Delivery

LLNJ Delivery

Update #8


January 2, 2018

Please share this with all staff involved with ILL/delivery. 


We will be issuing daily delivery updates this week.
Please read, share and proceed as directed.

  • NEW - We ask that you “hit the pause button” and not print out any more labels right now.
    • Expak ran into a problem at their end and they are resolving the issue.
    • We expect that you will be able to start printing again by Thursday.
    • Please wait for an update on this before you print.
  • NEW - But I’ve already printed out delivery labels. Can I still use them?
    • Yes, you may use these labels, but please don’t print out any others.
  • NEW - I thought I was going to meet my driver before deliveries started.
    • Your delivery driver is going to do a dry run to your library this week.
    • We do not know the exact time or day.
  • When will I know my final delivery schedule?
    • Expak is finalizing the delivery schedule right now. We will update you as soon as it is ready.
  • What’s happening: Week of January 2 - January 5:
    • There will be no deliveries or pick-ups this week.
      • We apologize for the inconvenience to your library and your community members.
      • The start date of our service was moved back one week by our vendor.
    • Libraries are to hold all pick-ups for the week of January 2 through Friday, January 5 for the new vendor, Expak, to pick up during the week of January 8-12. (Expect some delays due to increased volume during this week.)
      • IMPORTANT: We strongly urge libraries to prioritize items waiting to be picked up by separating patron request items from ordinary returns. Please also label delivery bins in priority order accordingly.
      • NEW - For some libraries it may not be possible to makeup for a weeks backlog of pick-ups in several days. We ask that you prioritize your items and rely on your sense of patience and good humor.

LibraryLinkNJ will keep you informed by sending frequent updates about the new delivery service during our transition in January. Stay tuned for more details! All information on the transition to Expak is available at http://librarylinknj.org/delivery. It's updated regularly.

Kathy Schalk-Greene, Executive Director, kathy@librarylinknj.org, 732-752-7720


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