LLNJ Delivery Update #9

New Vendor for Statewide Delivery

LLNJ Delivery

Update #9


January 3, 2018

Please share this with all staff involved with ILL/delivery. 


  • NEW: Update on printing delivery labels:
    • You may now resume printing labels.
  • NEW: When will I know my final delivery schedule?
    • Expak has finalized the schedule and is working on displaying it in ExpakShip. We will send an update to you when it’s officially displaying in ExpakShip.
  • NEW: What if all my packages aren’t picked up on my delivery day? Will I have to relabel anything?
    • The short answer: no. In more detail: In the event a driver can’t take all of your packages on any particular day, Expak never asks the libraries to relabel packages. Your original barcode is still valid and remains in the system. This also helps Expak identify packages that were set up for shipping on a particular date vs. when they were actually picked up.
  • NEW: What uniform will my driver be wearing?
    • Expak subcontracts its delivery for New Jersey libraries to Jet Transportation and Logistics. You’ll see the Jet name and logo either on a driver’s uniform or ID.
  • NEW: The Closure Report Form
    • This form is now available in the ExpakShip Resources section and through a link on the LibraryLinkNJ Delivery page. You can start using it now.
    • Use this form to report closures due to weather, renovation, emergencies, and holidays the library is closed.
    • Report today for January and February holidays when you know your library will be closed (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, etc.)
    • You may also report forthcoming closures for the entire year, if you know them.
  • NEW: How do I report problems to Expak? When can I expect to hear about a solution?
    • Use the Problem Report Form available in the ExpakShip Resources section and through a link on the LibraryLinkNJ Delivery page.
      • A copy of the form submission goes to both Expak and the LibraryLinkNJ Office to help us track results online.
      • You can request a follow-up to the report using the same form.
  • IMPORTANT: What’s happening: Week of January 2 - January 5:
    • There will be no deliveries or pickups this week.
      • We apologize for the inconvenience to your library and your community members.
      • The start date of our service was moved back one week by our vendor.
    • Libraries are to hold all pickups for the week of January 2 through Friday, January 5 for the new vendor, Expak, to pick up during the week of January 8-12. (Expect some delays due to increased volume during this week.)
      • You can print out actual ExpakShip labels during this week. The date will default to January 8.
      • IMPORTANT: We strongly urge libraries to prioritize items waiting to be picked up by separating patron request items from ordinary returns. Please also label delivery bins in priority order accordingly.
  • IMPORTANT: What’s happening: Week of January 8 - January 12:
    • Expak will begin scheduled pickups and deliveries on Monday, January 8. (Expect some delays due to increased volume during this week.) It will take several days for Expak delivery staff to recover a full week’s backlog of items.
    • IMPORTANT: All packages need the ExpakShip delivery labels and not the old label format. Expak will not pick-up items with the old format labels. You should destroy any files of old labels.
      • NEW: What if my delivery week starts on a Tuesday? Will I have to wait until Monday to print delivery labels?
        • The short answer: no. Printing is enabled at all times (except for the lockout period just prior to and during your pickup block).

LibraryLinkNJ will keep you informed by sending periodic updates about the new delivery service during our transition in January. Stay tuned for more details! All information on the transition to Expak is available at http://librarylinknj.org/delivery. We update this section regularly.

Kathy Schalk-Greene, Executive Director, kathy@librarylinknj.org, 732-752-7720


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