Technology Meetup

Date & Location

Date & Time: 

Friday, February 7, 2020 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

Location (Library/Organization Name): 

Burlington County Library - Main Branch
5 Pioneer Blvd, Westhampton, NJ 08060


Meetup Description

MentorNJ Technology Meetups are an informal for library staff to get together and discuss any sort of tech issues your facing, exciting new developments, bounce ideas, look for solutions, or pretty much everything else in between when it comes to tech.

We keep live meeting notes which are shared with all attendees as well as the larger library community on the LibraryLinkNJ website. If interest, we hope you will join us for what are always very informative, substantative and lively discussions.

To attend any of our MentorNJ Tech Meetups (there are 4-6 per year), including this one, you can use the following registration form:

Site-host: Christina Nemphos, Youth Services Coordinator

Host Information

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Piscataway Public Library

Meetup Host(s): 

Doug Baldwin

Contact Phone #: 

732-463-1633 x4114

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