Cathy Black

Cathy Black, from Orena Humphreys Pubic Library, working with pre-school students to make an owl hand puppet during story time at the Whitwell Head Start center
Library Director
Orena Humphreys Public Library
TN - County
Areas of Expertise
Organizational communication
Event Planning
Youth Services
Seniors / Older Adults
Presentations & Public Speaking
Marketing and Public Relations
Types of Libraries I have worked in
About Me

I am Cathy Black, Library Director at Orena Humphreys Public Library. Although I am new to the library world, I have nearly 45 years experience in serving the public with the goal of improving communities. 

  • 16 years in youth development work as a 4-H agent with added responsibilities as County Director the last 3
  • 28 years as Communication and Member Services specialist for Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative. Responsibilities included: writing/preparing content and designing the layout for the Co-op's monthly Tennessee Magazine section and other publications, conducting and chaperoning the youth programs both in and out of school, planning, conducting and assisting with public events both co-op and community sponsored 
    • Skills developed
      • Public speaking and presentation
      • Working with many different ages of youth and adults 
      • Working with city, county and state government officials and agencies including schools and with local business for support of our programs
      • Written communication skills - telling our story
      • Photography
      • Graphic design/layout for magazines and newsletters
      • Event Planning 
      • Leadership and citizenship training for youth and adults
      • Interviewing youth and adults for articles, jobs, and 4-H competitions
      • Marketing programs and services

These experiences have given me the skills I need to help our library carry on the tradition of service to the community that has developed over the years and allowed me, in my "retirement," to continue my love of working with youth, adults, seniors, local government, schools, businesses and service providers, while sharing my love of reading and books.