Additional DEI Resources Now Available

LibraryLinkNJ's LearningSpace has recently enhanced its suite of offerings with a series of new courses aimed at bolstering its Diversity, Ethics, and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum. Browse these 16 new courses and discover steps you can take to create a library environment that is more accessible, inclusive, and equipped for a diverse group of staff and patrons. By focusing on critical areas such as understanding implicit biases, raising awareness around sexual orientation, and promoting inclusive practices, the LearningSpace is helping to set a new standard for how libraries can serve as forums for information and ideas that cater to all individuals. The initiative underscores the importance of recognizing and addressing the subconscious shortcuts our minds take, which can lead to biases affecting our attitudes and actions, and the need for sensitivity towards the identities of library patrons, ensuring that the library remains a supportive space for marginalized groups.

People's hands come together in a show of teamwork and support

Moreover, the expansion includes practical guidance for auditing library collections to ensure they reflect diverse voices and perspectives, and strategies for creating an equitable workplace. These efforts emphasize the significance of seeing staff and patrons not just as numbers or categories, but as individuals with unique needs and experiences. By providing resources on how to support transgender patrons, accommodate staff with disabilities, and manage conversations around race and identity, we believe that library staff will be better equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of serving a diverse community. The initiative also addresses the need for equitable management practices, from distributing responsibilities fairly to creating feedback loops and fostering meaningful conversations, all aimed at making the library a more inclusive, supportive, and engaging place for everyone.