Important Delivery Update

Delivery Update - Barcode

LibraryLinkNJ, in conjunction with TForce Logistics, is pleased to announce the launch of location scanning starting in September, using barcodes posted at all delivery pickup/dropoff locations. All libraries/organizations that receive delivery service will be required to post a sign with a barcode at the delivery location at their library.

LLNJ and TForce will utilize the location scanning to identify the date and time that the delivery driver was at your location and the number of bins or totes they picked up. The driver will scan the barcode on the sign at pickup/dropoff. This process will replace the need for the driver to initial the paper delivery log. Please continue to use the paper log to track the number of packages sent from your location.

By implementing location scanning, LLNJ and TForce will be able monitor the delivery movement in real-time, allowing for accurate and up-to-date information regarding delivery arrival, enabling better visibility and transparency.

LLNJ will provide a laminated barcode sign for each location, and TForce will ensure that each location receives the laminated barcode. TForce drivers will deliver signs to participating libraries in September. A sample barcode sign is pictured below:

Delivery Update - Barcode

We ask that all libraries/organizations work with the driver to properly place the laminated barcode sign at your pickup/dropoff location.

The barcode sign must be placed on a flat surface (wall) and placed where it will not move.