LearningSpace: Marketing & Communication On-Demand training series

LLNJ LearningSpace - Marketing & Communication Module

We're pleased to announce that the first fully original module in the LibraryLinkNJ LearningSpace is now complete! Visit our on-demand training platform, powered by Nice Academy, to view all 4 tutorials in our Marketing & Communication module. Content includes:

Marketing Your Library - An overview of tactics and considerations for more intentional and effective library marketing, with digital marketing expert Katherine McCahill.

Communicating Through a Crisis - A look at the strategies you can employ to represent your institution confidently and professionally during conflict or crisis situations, presented by strategic communications leader Patty Caballero.

Building Your Network & Navigating the Professional World - An exploration of strategies for networking and professional growth, with brand strategist JeanAnn Morgan.

Understanding Your Personal Brand & Building Your Leadership Presence - A look at how to define, expand, and live your personal brand, with brand strategist JeanAnn Morgan.

To access any of the tutorials in our Marketing & Communication module, visit the LibraryLinkNJ Learning Space: On Demand Training Portal and select "LearningSpace: Original On-Demand Trainings" from the home screen.

Questions or suggestions for the Learning Space can be directed to Jon Braun, Online Learning & Digital Content Specialist, Email.