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In 1996, the State Library left the Department of Education and became affiliated with Thomas Edison College, a state college of the New Jersey System of Higher Education, which offers distance education to adult learners throughout the state.  With this move, the State Library continued its role to develop public libraries and public library services in the state: see the Library Development Bureau and State Library Grants sections of the State Library's web page at  Operational funding of public school libraries continues to fall under the purview of the Department of Education.  Academic libraries fall under the purview of a council of the presidents of New Jersey colleges and universities. Institutional libraries and private schools are under the purview of their governing institutions.  Special libraries have no State coordinating office.  LibraryLinkNJ is the primary means of coordinating and sharing resources among the various types of libraries.  Library Network Law and Administrative Code Responsibilities, prepared by State Library staff detail the relationship of the network.

The current State Librarian, Mary Chute, assumed her position in July 2012. She came to New Jersey from Washington, D.C., having served ten years as Deputy Director for Libraries at the Institute of Museum and Library Services. She was the State Librarian of Delaware, worked in the Maryland Division of Library Development and Services, and began her career in the Lynnfield and the Franklin and Millis Public Libraries in Massachusetts. Mary has the depth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing libraries locally, nationally and internationally.


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