How To Run A Meeting: Parliamentary Studies

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This webinar will focus on applying Robert's Rules of Order to virtual meetings. Communication and inclusion in decision making processes are now more important than ever. Speaker Lawrence D. Taylor will outline how Robert's Rules of Order can translate to virtual settings with information on how to set effective agendas, use democracy for decision making, and process a motion.

The agenda of the webinar includes: 

  • The role of the presiding officer and the secretary in a meeting.
    • Basic rights of members to attend meetings, make motions, speak in debate, and vote.
    • That action may not be taken without a quorum.
    • The standard order of business.
    • How an agenda is adopted.
    • How a meeting adjourns or takes a recess.
    • How to obtain recognition.
    • The six steps for processing a motion.
    • The rules of decorum in debate, including germaneness.
    • The length and number of speeches permitted in debate.
    • Standard vote requirements to adopt a motion.
    • How action may be taken by unanimous consent.
  • A member should be able to:
    • Move an amendment to an agenda.
    • Draft and move a main motion that is clear and concise.
    • Discuss a pending motion while observing normal rules of debate.
    • Vote on a pending motion by voice, show of hands, or ballot.


About the Presenter: 

Lawrence D. Taylor is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, with over 20 years of experience presiding over meetings, using Robert’s Rules of Order. Larry presently teaches Parliamentary Procedures and Presiding workshops at Clatsop Community College. He is a charter member and president of a virtual parliamentary procedures study group and serves as an officer in various national and statewide parliamentary organizations. Larry is the producer and co-host of a television program – “Parliamentary Talk.”


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