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MentorNJ Technology Meetups are an informal for library staff to get together and discuss any sort of tech issues your facing, exciting new developments, bounce ideas, look for solutions, or pretty much everything else in between when it comes to tech.

We keep live meeting notes which are shared with all attendees as well as the larger library community on the LibraryLinkNJ website. If interest, we hope you will join us for what are always very informative, substantative and lively discussions.

To attend any of our MentorNJ Tech Meetups (there are 4-6 per year), including this one, you can use the following registration form: https://forms.gle/1EqzqcnUwv5ZZj66A

Site-host: jwallace [at] ocean.edu (John Wallance), Emerging Technologies & Systems Librarian

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Doug Baldwin
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732-463-1633 x4114
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Piscataway Public Library
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1 College Dr, Toms River, NJ

Ocean County Library - Lakewood Branch



Both morning and evening classes are held throughout the year.  Call the Lakewood Branch's Info Services desk for schedules and registration dates.  732-363-1435 ext. 2100 or email the BM at csheridan [at] theoceancountylibrary.org

Students may register for the two classes offered on Saturdays (9am - noon and 1pm - 4pm) on any Saturday at the beginning of a class.  Registrations are usually held at the beginning of the Fall/Spring semesters for Tues/Thurs morning or afternoon evening sessions and the Mon/Wed morning sessions. During the summer we may be holding Tues/Thurs evening classes.

We also offer Citizenship Prep classes at different times during the year and an active English Conversation Group on Monday nights at 6:30pm.

Carol Moroz

Media Specialist
Manchester Township High School
NJ - County
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For the past 8 years, I have been the Media Specialist at Manchester Township High School. In the past, I have been fortunate enough to work in a K-8 school, as well as an Elementary (K-5) school..

David Evans

Head of Technology
The Ocean County Library
NJ - County
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My name is David Evans and I have over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology arena. I started my career as a computer operator and through hard work and perserverance; I worked my way up to Chief Information Officer.

Sally Harrison

Librarian II
Ocean County Library
NJ - County
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I am currently a Youth Services Librarian with the Ocean County Library in Toms River.  A graduate of the University of Washington- Seattle and Rutgers University, I have a varied background working with both adults and youth, and as a branch mana