Vine is an app that allows you to create &  post 6-second videos (yes, just six seconds) using your iPhone. UPDATE: Vine is now available in the Google Play store, too:

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Vine App in iTunes


WorkFlowy is a very user-friendly task-management tool, which allows you to make ever-expanding lists & sub-lists. You can track your progress using their web app, and can stay productive on the road using their apps for iOS and Android products.


Replace your vendor-supplied OPAC with VUFind!

We felt that our vendor-supplied  OPAC was not changing to meet the needs of our users. We learned about VUFind, an open source, standalone replacement interface that incorporates many "next generation" features that our users have come to expect from an online experience.

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David and Lorraine Cheng Library - William Paterson University


This really cool, what I can only call a lighted ball, can be controlled using a smartphone apps. Each app incorporates game elements to engage the user as they control their Sphero. Imagine some of these rollinjg around your children's room..

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